Back to the Mainland

When we finally came into dock at the mainland, I couldn't get off the ship fast enough. The Captain came down and called me up from my (sickeningly smelly) post by the sink.

He nearly fell over in shock when I raced out of the door like a lightning bolt and immediately leant over the ship's railings and fed the fish with my half-digested breakfast.

And I thought Cook's sandwich couldn't look any worse the second time around.

Straightening up, and trying to stay upright, I hastily thanked the Captain, apologized for my actions, asked him to thank Ben for me and, with him still looking at me like I was crazy, jumped over the railings onto the dock and raced off towards the town.

Strangely enough, there was method in my madness.

Sooner or later, without the island to fend them off, my family would find out where I was. I didn't know how long it would take them, but once they had me they'd be on me like a pack of hyenas on a zebra. And I would be the zebra.

Before long, I had negotiated my way out of the town and had started following the footpath that lead up into the hills behind the town. Then the voices, which had been reasonably quiet for the past several hours, started to speak up again.

I sense something! There's something going on down there, I can feel it!

I feel it too. Strange, I never noticed that before. It's almost like it came out of nowhere... we might need to investigate this.

Damn. They were onto me already. They may not have recognised me yet, and I was doing my best to cloak myself, but if they got too close all my camoflage would be useless. I pushed my aching legs harder, my sickness forgotten.

I was running out of time.

The End

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