Eyes in the Dark

The castle was a hub of activity that afternoon, I could see everyone rushing about like ants in a nest. I sighed, feeling isolated in my position in the outskirts of the forest. I wished I could be in there with everyone else, with my friends.

But I couldn't, so I had to content myself with sneaking about in the forest, gettting as close as I dared to the windows of the castle. I spotted Gloria, Morgan and Sarah through one window, and could just see the top of a young girl's forehead above the pane.

That must be Gloria's daughter. I'd never met her myself, but I'd heard talk of her from Morgan and Mike.

They were talking, I couldn't make out the words, but I had the strange feeling something was happening. It looked like Gloria was getting ready for a wedding. Why I had no idea, she'd never said anything about it.

I guess even a few days can be a long time when you think about it. I could have missed anything.

Feeling distinctly miserable, I moved away from the window. If there was going to be a big ceremony, then that meant that everyone would be there. I'd be able to find Ben after the ceremony and perhaps get him to find me a way off the island.

But first, I'd need a hiding place. Somewhere far away from the festivities, where I wouldn't be found.

And where these goddamed voices would stop plauging me.

They'd been growing stronger for days, getting louder and more vocal each passing day. Their harsh voices grated in my ears and I sometimes found myself tossing my head in an attempt to rid myself of them.

And the strange thing was, they weren't talking to me, but about me. Evidently my family were using their power to communicate mentally, but weren't able to locate me.

So now I was almost listening in to their conversations, like someone holding a phone reciever and saying nothing while the other people on the line talked.

And I didn't like what I was hearing.

Damn him! Where is that wretch hiding? How long have we been probing, there's no trace of him anywhere!

Patience, he cannot hide forever. He can't outrun his own family.

Well he's doing a pretty good job of it now isn't he?

Calm yourself. It won't be long before we break the barriers, then we'll find him. Then you can do what you like. Runaways cannot be allowed to get away with their crimes can they?

On and on and on went the relentless plotting and scheming. I had lost track of how many different voices plauged me. Evidently the sadists had pulled out every one of their abominable helpers to find me. And they were right, the smell of their evil grew stronger in the air with every passing hour.

It wouldn't be long before they broke the barriers around the island.

I had to get off before that happened.

Eventually I found a large copse of trees near the edge of the gardens. It was well shaded, providing plenty of cover for me.

I'd have to wait out the daylight until darkness fell, then find Ben before anyone knew I was here.

And so I waited, crouched in the dark shadows under the trees, watching the activity through the windows.

Alone, save for the shrieks and cackles of my family that plauged my every thought.

The End

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