I stood on the edge of the cliff, staring out to sea with an expressino of utmost despair on my face.

Two days! Two god-forsaken days and I'm still not off this island! Gods above how do I get off this thing!

With a snarl of frustration I seized a heavy stone from the rocky ground beneath me and hurled it viciously out into the open water. I watched it crash into the waves below, fast disappearing into the deep blue dephths.

I'd been wandering around the island for two days and had still found no way of getting off. There were no available docks, no other settlements that I'd come across and, so far, absolutely not a hope of getting out of here.

Might as well jump into the sea for all the good that would do me. Looks like this place is some sort of fortress, no way in and no way out.

Hissing curses under my breath, I turned and strode away from the cliff edge, the powerful wind blowing off the ocean making my hair whip around my face in tangled black tendrils. I couldn't remember the last time I'd eaten, I hadn't washed properly in days and I was covered in mud and filth from trekking the past two days, during which period I had managed to get myself lost half a hundred times before finding some familiar landmark I'd passed before.

So, all in all, I was not happy. Not happy at all.

I groaned exasperatedly and leant against a small shrub, the sharp needle-like branches digging into my back. I had run out of options and now had only two paths left open to me.

One, I could stay here on the island and try to stay away from people until my family found me, or two, contact Ben and see if I could persuade him to get me off the island secretly. Seeing as opetion one was simply not going to happen, I had no choice left but to ask him.

I'd exhausted every other option open to me, not that there had been many, but now I really had to give in.

I knew the way back to the castle, don't ask me how but I did. It was like I had a compass on the inside of my head, with it's location stamped on it in big red letters. I'd been able to do this most of my life, I'd always had a good sense of direction and bearing, but this was a stronger pull than most.

No prizes for guessing why, I thought bitterly as I forced my bruised and exhausted body to move on again.

Finding the place would be no problem.

It would be persuading Ben to get me off the island without telling anyone that would be the hard part.

Oh, and on top of all of this, I had started hearing voices.

Voices that were becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

The End

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