Broken Soul

(The events of this chapter take place after Faerie Bound chapter "Salty Salvation")

I didn't notice anything as I ran through the trees. I was almost on auto-pilot, just going wherever my feet took me, subconsciously dodging roots and fallen trunks until I reached the bridge.

Keep running, just keep running. You can't go back, just keep going.

The same words echoed around and around inside my mind. A mind that now felt so much emptier with Morgan's absence.

Don't think about her, you'll only make it worse. Just run, don't think, run.

But I couldn't help thinking about her, about the look of pain on her face when I'd pulled away, about the pleading in her voice that had wrenched at me as she talked.

The horrible wrenching as I had torn her mind from mine.

I practically flew over the bridge, feet scarcely touching it, eyes locked dead ahead of me, brimming with supressed tears.

It was getting darker now, with streaks of black and blue slashing across the golds, reds and yellows of the sunset sky.

I didn't notice, I was too absorbed in my own pain to see anything properly.

What had I done? I'd deliberately destroyed that life-saving link between us, physically torn apart that bond we had shared for so many days.

I felt like I had torn part of my mind out in the process.

A part that could never be healed by any medicine or kind word.


I reached the hut later that evening. It was a small place, completely empty save for a small bed and an empty fireplace. It was fairly warm inside, and looked well cared for, but I didn't notice. I was too miserable and upset to notice anything right now.

Legs practically giving way with exhaustion, I limped over and sat down heavily on the bed, back resting against the hard stone wall, the little pebbles digging into my skin.

Then I saw the sword. It was sitting on the bed, with a small note attached.

When I read it, I nearly broke down then and there.

It was from Mike.

He said he'd want it back when we met again, and told me that he wasn't finished fighting me yet.

He told me not to let the weapon down.

Why don't they understand? I've already told them, there probably won't BE a next time! Why don't they accept that?

Engulfed in feelings of utter despair, I collapsed on the bed. I let misery engulf me and I sobbed dryly into the surprisingly warm bedsheets.

I was so distraught I had no more tears left to cry.

The End

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