It Follows Me Like The Plaugue

(This chapter happens after Faerie Bound chapter "Allies")

Okay, confession time Ash.

I took a deep breath, this was going to be difficult to explain. No-one I'd told so far had understood. Not that I'd told many.

Three pairs of eyes looked at me expectantly, I sighed again and let go of Morgan, getting to my feet and taking a few steps away from the others. I needed space in order to feel comfortable doing this.

"Well, if I'm brutally honest, Devil's Flat was a minor occurence. It's been one in a long line of similar... incidents. It's a long story, but I'll do my best to keep it simple."

Stop procrastinating, get on with it!

"The main reason for this whole issue is, I'm the last heir of the Van Helsing line, the last one who could possibly carry on the legacy. If you can call murdering people a legacy. My family have been hunters for generations, ever since our first ancestors got it into their heads that they needed to destroy all things magical. It started out well enough, hunting down dangerous creatures that were terrorising people and getting rid of them. Like a sort of supernatural pest-control. They were unstoppable, nothing and no-one stood against a Van Helsing and lived. They ruled the supernatural world, like kings, in complete control of everything. They were tyrants.But then, things started... changing. The creatures started fighting back against my family, and they even started winning. In fact, they won so much that we were practically eradicated. This lack of control drove them insane, and they started developing ways to defeat the creatures. They... altered, their descendants, changed them, made them stronger, faster, smarter. More bloodthirsty."

I shuddered, remembering horrific images of mutated limbs and the horrible groping thoughts of twisted minds:

"But the life expectancies of these altered creatures wasn't long, and they didn't breed well. We've been a dying breed for the past decades. And now, there's only me."

I stopped, staring down at my hands, not meeting anyone's gaze. I clenched my hands into fists and went on, my voice trembling with rage:

"But I wasn't like the others. I didn't want to murder innocent people. I didn't want to be changed, I wanted to be human, to live and love like everyone else. They wouldn't force me to give up my life for a dead genetic line. Particularly not a sadistic genetic line. But they won't leave me alone. They think I'm a traitor, and they're desperate to get me back. One way or another, they won't give up on our dead legacy. They want to restore our family to greatness. My stubborness is all that stands in their way. Since my escape they've sent every demon imaginable after me, every time wanting to force me to bend to their will. You met the most recent one on the Flat I believe. Well, now they've taken matters into their own hands."

I paused, raising my eyes to meet theres. My voice broke slightly as I spoke the last words.

"This time, they're coming for me personally."

The End

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