The "Badness" Returns...

(This chapter happens after the events of Faerie Bound chapter "Repressed Anger")


Now that was something.

I sat beside Gloria on the edge of the ring, newly inflicted bruises forgotten.  That had been impressive, very impressive indeed. I'd never seen a fight like that before in my life.

But what should I expect from magical creatures? Jees, I should know better than that.

But it really had been extraordinary, they'd moved so fast and yet seemed to be going in slow motion. Such powerful movements executed with such grace.

Power alongside beauty. Sounds just like Morgan to me.

The sound of her crying snapped me out of my stupor. Some instinct told me to comfort her, like a leash tugging at me from the inside. An instinctive reaction that has nothing to do with my senses, only my heart.

I knelt beside her and put an arm around her shoulders, whispering softly to her.

"Hey, it's alright Morgan. I'm here, it's alright."

I don't know if she hears me, she just keeps sobbing.

I guess Mike must have been winding her up almost as much as he was me. Evil cretin. I give him a sidelong glare, letting him know how unimpressed I am. I don't like people who upset others for the sake of it. Even if it was unintentional.

Morgan continues to whimper, leaning into me slightly as her slim body is racked with sobs, I squeeze her slightly, letting her know I'm there.

Then something wrenches at my senses, making my head snap up.

Something was interfering with my mind. It was trying to get in, but something was stopping it. Probably the island, seeing as whatever it is feels exceedingly powerful.

And also exceedingly familiar.

It reeks of evil, the feelings of anger and frustration clawing at my mind like razors. It wants to find me, but it can't, and it's not happy about it.

It thinks I'm betraying it by ignoring it.

I shudder violently at the icy fury that boils from the feeling. The fury that only makes the familiarity of the badness worse.

It looks like my family have tracked me down at last.

The End

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