Issues with Pete

(This chapter happens after Faerie Bound chapter "Cornered By Petey")

Before the wrench was within a meter of me, I rammed my fist into Pete's gut.

That rat! That stinking, slimy, foul-mouthed rat! I'll kill him for this, I'm going to kill him!

Fury had utterly engulfed me, I wasn't even thinking any more. Instinct had taken over, and now I was utterly unstoppable.

With a yell of fury, I kicked Pete hard in the ribs, he groaned and fell to his knees. I yanked him upright by the back of the neck and punched him hard in the face, feeling his nose break under my fist.

He's gonna wish he'd never been born when I'm through with him! How dare he do that? How dare he hurt Morgan! That pig, that dirty stinking, greasy-haired pig!

Throwing Pete back to the ground, I swung my crutch around and smashed it into his ribcage, he yelled in pain and went for my legs, slamming into my shins and almost knocking me over. However, regaining my balance, I brought the crutch down, this time on his unprotected forearm. I hit him harder than I had meant to and we both heard a sickening crack as his arm broke.

And that was just for starters, not I'm REALLY going to make him pay. No-one messes with my Morgan and gets away with it!

I could hear shouts nearby, but I was too furious to care. Petey was whimpering pathetically at my feet, begging me to stop. The sound of his whining fuelled my anger further and I brought my heel down hard on his rapidly panting chest.

As he gasped for air, I got down on one knee beside him and seized him by the throat, pulling his watery eyes close to mine.

"Had enough, slimeball? Well, I'm only just getting started."

I brought my fist back for anothe strike, but before I could follow through, a pair of arms seized me from behind and pulled me clean off the ground.

"Ash! What the hell are you doing? Are you mad?"

It was Mike, and he was angry. I opened my mouth to explain, but he dropped me before I could say a word. Suddenly he was beside Morgan, looking at her in shock.

"What... How did this happen?"

"Ask him." I spat, pointing at Pete, who was still in his position on the grass, groaning and whimpering as I glared at him.

I'll finish you next time worm, mark my words, I'll finish you.

This isn't over yet.

The End

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