And Yet More Bruises...

(This chapter comes after Faerie Bound chapter "Creepy Petey")

If I see that little rat again I'll mash him to a pulp! Never mind the injuries I'll obliterate him!

Perhaps this rotten crutch will prove itself more useful as a club.

I was fuming as I stalked back towards my room in the hospital, cursing and hissing occasionally as my feet caught on loose stones and tree roots.

So Morgan had a boyfriend did she? Well, she'd never told me about that. Had she been playing me for a fool? Was she deliberately leading me on, just to have the satisfaction of watching her dad pulverise me? And had she called that Pete rat just to inflame me further?

Was this all just a big lie?

No, Morgan wouldn't do that. From what I've seen of her, she would never consider setting something like this up. Morgan's just not that sort of person, she's too gentle and shy.

But is that just a facade as well?

As the internal conflict raged inside me, I began to move faster. I didn't know where I was going any more, I just had to be moving. Either that or explode with all the pent up anger and confusion that was tearing me apart from the inside.

What was going on? I felt like I'd lost the plot completely, I didn't understand what was happening. Was Morgan playing me? Was this all a joke? Or was there more to this little incident with Pete than I thought?

As the questions chased themselves around and around inside my head, I failed to notice the large rock in front of me until it was too late.

I crashed in an inelegant heap, yelling an inane swearword as the crutch landed hard on my head.

Great, I don't even need Mike to hit me in order to do damage to myself.

This really isn't turning out to be my sort of day.

Getting painfully back to my feet, I made an attempt to brush myself off and turned and strode (or as close as I could do to that) back towards the castle.

I needed to talk to Morgan.

This needed sorting out, and it needed sorting out now.

The End

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