That Unavoidable Decision

(The events of this chapter happen after the Faerie Bound chapter "Steady Hand Break)

Oh oh.

Now I'm in trouble.

I chewed my lip worriedly, thinking over what Mike had said. I know dads are supposed to be scary, but that had been more than scary.

More like utterly terrifying. I'd never seen anyone smile quite so evilly as Mike had.

Sparring partner? Ha, more like punching bag.

He was testing me, seeing how strong I was. I knew he loved his daughter, and obviously wanted to make sure I was "the right one" for her. I'd heard of fathers testing their daughter's potential boyfriends, but as tests went, this one was going to be exceptionally tough. I would probably be back in this hospital bed before you could say "whoops."

But that didn't mean I was going to give up.

I may not have been as fast, or as strong or as good a fighter as Mike, but I wasn't going to surrender easily. He could beat me to a pulp for all I cared, I wasn't going to give in.

As I said before: Ash Van Helsing doesn't give up easily.

None the less, fighting the Drael's going to be like wrestling a pillow next to this...

The End

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