Plotting and Planning

(The events of this chapter co-incide with Faerie Bound chapter Waking Apology)

From the way she was standing, I could see Morgan was feeling uncomfortable talking to me about this. Her gaze kept shifting and she was as stiff as a poker.

I guess talking about an almost-kiss would be a little embarassing for her, particularly seeing as we got so close last time.

Half of me is tempted to try and kiss her now, but the other half (the one that still appears to be functioning correctly) is telling me that now is not the time. It wouldn't be fair to try now, not when she's looking so uncomfortable already.

I give her a clumsy sort of one-armed-half-hug instead. It's not particularly elegant, but I think she gets my message.

Or at least, I hope she does.

"S'ok, I know how you feel." I say, trying to sound sympathetic.

Morgan gives me a small smile and seems to relax a bit, I smile back, letting her know that I'm really not that bothered about the whole affair.

I dont' want to push her into anything she doesn't want to do, and I certainly don't want to hurt her.

That might be a wise move, seeing as I think Mike would rip me to pieces if I did. As much as I like and respect him, he does terrify me slightly. I definately got the warning he gave me last time.

I just hope I never get on his bad side.

And, hopefully, I wouldn't be around to antagonize her for too much longer.

I'd already started planning my next move once I could get off the island.

The End

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