First Awakening

(The events of this chapter take place after those in Faerie Bound chapter "Dream Interrupted")

I first regained conscioussness later that day, after hours of confusion. Thoughts had been chasing around the inside of my head for hours, none leading to an answer.

I also remembered the dream.

I had never enjoyed a dream more than I enjoyed that one. Not that I'd ever dreamed before, really. Well, aside from nightmares.

This had been the first real dream I'd ever had, and I wished with all my heart it was real. Watching Morgan dance in the meadow, seeing her running free over the ground, her feet scarcely touching it. The thrill of chasing her, of feeling her lips so close to mine, of knowing that this was where I wanted to be more than any other.

But then that accursed beeping machine had made some inane sort of beep noise and I'd woken up. Well, sort of. I wasn't awake as such, but I was thinking conscioussly again.

Thinking conscioussly that I felt like I'd been put in a blender and set on "shred". Jees, how did I get myself into these situations? I must be the world's only trouble-magnet, seeing as it follows me wherever I go. Rotten, stinking luck.

As I continued to have a massive internal hate-my-life session, I hear a voice nearby.

Morgan's voice.

She said something about coming back later. I had no idea what she was talking about. Where exactly was I anyway? I couldn't hear anything apart from that god-forsaken beeping thing in the backgrond and the only thing I could smell was the stench of what I thought was bleach. Or what I hoped was bleach.

Then I realised how close we were. She was leaning over me, I could feel her hair tickling my face. I remembered the dream, that feeling of euphoric happiness I'd felt when we'd touched.

Then I did something that I had never thought I would do.

Without warning, my eyes snaped open and I leaned up and kissed her smack-bang on the lips. I heard her give a startled cry, and I pulled away. My chest twinged painfully, but I managed a smile through the pain:

"Hey Morgan," I whispered, "did you miss me?"

The End

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