Between One Door and Another

(The events of this chapter co-incide with the Faerie Bound chapter "Leaving the Flat")

I think I was moving.

I couldn't be sure, but I was dimly aware of movement  behind the pain that still tore at my mind. I was still fighting hard to stay awake, but I could almost swear I heard Morgan's voice again. Mike's too, but his was more distant, and sounded fuzzier. So they found me then.

I can feel someone's hand on my own, their skin warm on mine, despite the claminess. It's wet too, but not the same as the sticky wetness that's still creeping across my chest. I remember what that stuff is now. Blood.

Blood from where the Drael attempted to tear the heart out of my chest.

I'd begun to remember what had happened, only vaugely, but still remembering none the less. No direct memories, just flashes that kept appearing behind my closed eyelids. The Drael appearing in a black storm, the hiss of its voice as it taunted me, the flash of my blade against its claws. The terrible pain as its claws ripped into my ribcage, trying to tear out my heart before it died.

Wait. That couldn't be right.

It had tried to kill me.

That didn't make sense, the whole point of it coming was to bring me back alive. That's why it had been hunting me, that was the whole reason I was here. Something's wrong here.

Something is very, very wrong here.

The End

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