Blade of Fire

(This chapter co-incides with the events of Faerie Bound chapter "Making Connections")

The Drael fought with a vicous determination, always trying to get a grip on me with its massive claws. I was constantly dancing out of reach, trying to keep my balance as the demon leapt at me again and again. I had avoided serious injury so far, nothing more than a scraped forearm at this point, but neither had I done much damage to the Drael. None the less we continued to lash at each other, me with my sword glowing red in the light of the dying sun, and the Drael with its twisted yellow nails. Those nails would do some serious damage if they got too close to me.

I was panting and sweating, but I didn't give up the fight for a moment. I couldn't let this thing win, the cost would be far too great. Not only for me, for humankind in general. That monster had killed more people then it had years of life, and wasn't about to stop now. I had to kill it, for the world's sake as well as my own. It was a killer, fast, strong and deadly in every respect. Its mind had about as much emotion as an ice-field and it wouldn't stop fighting until it was utterly destroyed.

But I wouldn't be giving up either.

I had far too much to loose here, not only my freedom but possibly my mind. If my family wanted to force me into bondage, they'd have to destroy every trace of humanity in my being. Something I know they wouldn't hesitate to do. That's why they sent the Drael, because they know it won't give up. It can counter practically every move I try to make, constantly avoiding my lunges and always trying to dodge past my guard.

But I do have one advantage.

The Drael has a total aversion to my sword; it seems to hate it whenever it gets too close. Understandable, seeing as it's made of silver. Creatures like the Drael hate silver, it's the one thing they really cannot stand. It's like using fire on something made of straw, only this time, it's flesh and blood. Good thing too, seeing as that's just about the only advantage I had over that monster.

Darkness was closing in, and a storm was brewing overhead, rain just starting to fall. I scarcely noticed. I was too busy fighting for my life.

The End

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