Last Of The Line

Faeries, elves, magic, battles and heart-wrenching romance, all brought together by one utterly fantastical automobile.
This tale started on the Protagonize Bus.
Who knows where it will end...

It came screaming across the plateau like an angry demon.

It did not yet have a form, and at this stage was just a black mass against the swiftly darkening sky, but I could feel the evil eminating from it like a bad smell. I shuddered and gripped my sword hilt tighter. I was terrifed, and my face showed it. I was trying to look determined, but none the less I was shaking with nerves. And fear.

The thing stopped not far in front of me and, gradually, a figure began to emerge from the blackness. When it was discernable, I felt like my heart had stopped.

It was vaguely human in shape, but taller and thinner than any normal person. It's skin was pasty white and at the end of its long bony fingers were long, twisted nails. It was bald, and its face was like something that had crawled out of a nightmare. I knew that face. That face had haunted my nightmares for as long as I could remember.

It was the face of the Drael, the most evil and black-hearted of my family's creations. They'd created it originally to fight beside them as an equal, but the Drael had soon proved itself to be of far more use as a hunter. And torturer. The Drael's wide serpent-like mouth opened in a horrible smile. It wasn't just that it's mouth reached to well past its small, bat-ish ears, it was that it was looking directly at me.

"Ash dear," it said in it's hissing drawl, "it's been such a long time. Where have you been? I've been looking for you everywhere."

"I know. I sensed that much." I tried to keep my voice calm, but it was hard to stop that squeak of fear creeping in.

The Drael laughed, a sound that made my stomach turn over, "Come now Ash, no need to be rude. We don't have to do it like this. If you'd just come back with me then we could sort this out peacefully. Your family have been missing you honey."

"You can damned well forget any ideas you had about me coming peacefully Drael," I snapped back viciously, "I'd sooner die then go back. You'll have to kill me first."

The Drael sighed in mock sadness and locked it's pupil-less black eyes on me. "Very well, it looks like I'll have to take you back the hard way."

Then, with an ear-splitting screech, it leapt for my throat.

The End

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