Last NightMature

A short story I wrote for an assignemt a few years ago, single page story, not much to be told about it. A man tells a tale about the events that occured to him on a peculiar night of his life.

      It's 4 AM, and at last, I'm asleep. I couldn't sleep before, damn cough kept me up. I feel like I'm getting better tough, I've been feeling like crap for days now. But I was dumb to think I'd get any sleep. Just when the cough stoped, a commotion seemed to have formed just outside my home. As soon as I get myself to the window, I see nothing. The noise ceased to exist.

     I went back to bed, hoping nothing would get me up again. I have work tomorrow, you know. I'd like to get some decent sleep, so I'll actually do something at it. But no, not tonight. Again, the commotion noise. It's weird tough... For a commotion they are quite... Quiet. All I can hear is their steps... Now sounding rather
closer than before. I open my eyes again, and rush to the window, in the hope I'll catch those bastards on the act. Nothing. Not a soul. I must be hearing things... I'm... Not surprised tough. I was sick for the past days, and now that I though I was getting better, I start to hallucinate. Just my luck.

     Once again, I lay on my bed, trying to shake off the uneasy feeling that I will be hearing those steps again. Not to my surprise, I was right. Much to my surprise, the noise was now coming from inside
my own house. I jump on my feet, hearing steps on the hardwood floor just beneath my bedroom, wich is located just above my living room. Again, the noise ceased the moment I showed myself to be awake to the silent bedroom I had so many uneasy nights before, that didn't even compare to this one. I'm crazy. That must be it. I'm way past hallucinating now, ain't I? What a horrible thing to think about myself. I should just quit being paranoid and go back to sleep. It's just a hallucination, it will pass. At least I'm not seeing things, just hearing them.

     I lay back on my bed, a little shaky, and then take a quick look at my watch. 4:30 AM. Did I really hallucinate about those steps for half an hour? That seems a bit too much... But enough of that... I'll have my sleep now. I want to rest, I need to rest, I must rest. The steps start again, I don't even give a shit anymore. I'll stay here, under the covers, my eyes closed. I can't help but to feel my heart pounding on my chest as I hear them getting closer. Numerous steps going up the stairs, and then into my room. I feel like they are here. I'm almost sure they are in my room, even tough a big part of me tells that I'm just hallucinating, that nothing of this is real... But suddenly the steps stop. Dare I
peek? My chest seems like it's going to burst, from the quick beating bongo that is my heart. I slowly open one of my eyes, but as soon as I do, I shut it down hard, blinded by an extremely strong light. A flashlight? Are there heavy stepped burglars in my house, inside my own room, pointing a flashlight at my face? Well, that's kind of rude. But I was wrong.

     My eyes slowly adjust to the light... What I see, I see for the first time in my life. Humanoid figures formed out of a pure white light. They stare at me. A circle is formed by them around my bed, as they walk towards my shaky body. I can hear their steps again, but that's not all. A high pitched ringing noise starts to slowly kick in as the figures draw in closer to me. The closer they get, the louder the noise. I see their hands reaching out to me. My palms are sweaty. My entire body shakes. I can't turn my head away, I'm
paralyzed there as I see those things approach. The ringing makes my head hurt. My heart is beating faster than it ever did in my entire life. Their hands are but a few centimeters away from reaching my forehead. I can't do anything but let them. One of their hands covers my face. At that moment I felt like my heart had crushed out of my thorax. Now I can't even hear it beat. The surroundings are all white, my eyes are used to the clarity. My head is light, and so is the rest of my body. It's like I'm floating, I'm immersed in a world of serenity... Now might be the perfect time to sleep. Yes, I guess I earned it...

And to think so much happened last night. My last night.

Ah... Time to rest.

The End

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