Last NightMature



Last night we talked about you for hours. I don’t know if you could hear us or not. Maybe you were sitting right there in the room with us, wiping our tears when we didn’t even know it. I want you to see all the damage you’ve done here. I want you to know that there were people here who loved you. You were an angel and you didn’t even know it. Now, I like to believe you really are an angel, smiling down on us all. Shielding us from the pain with your butterfly wings. Laughing because we’re all still trapped in this shit town, and you’re free. I know that you are happier, wherever you are. And don’t worry, everyone is picking the pieces up as best as they can. But your light will always be the most radiant. You will always shine brightest.




Last night we talked about you for hours. And you were away, far away pretending that we were never there. Sometimes I miss your hand in mine, your devil smile upon the face of the most beautiful angel. You tore your life apart, and for what? Look at all that you had. I know you miss her, even now as you drown yourself in drugs and whiskey. You want to be with her, because she was the world to you. What is the point of remaining in this void? Maybe that’s just how it is, I guess. Some people are too broken to ever be repaired. We tried. We really did. We wanted to help you more than you will ever understand, more than you can even fathom. You weren’t looking for help, though. Not really. You were looking for an answer. And you will never, never find that here.




Last night we talked about you for hours. Your laugh and smile and just everything. You didn’t even realize how perfect you were, because all you saw was your pain. I cant say I blame you. Hell, maybe I even understand. You just couldn’t do it on your own. Not when she was already free, and you were still stranded in the abyss of all the pain. I’ll bet she was waiting for you with open arms. But so was everyone down here. You just didn’t realize it until it was too late. Until it had all caught up to you. Wherever you are, you’re still smiling. Still singing and dancing. And I just know that you’re with her. And that’s better, I think. Because all you ever wanted was to be with her.

The End

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