Last Moments

A story about the love a father has for his daughter.

Chaos erupted, and the streets filled with terrified people. Sara gripped her father, John's, hand, as they shouldered their way through it all, inching closer to their car. It started getting uncontrollably hectic that people were bumping into them, so John scooped up Sara and planted her on his shoulders.

“It's okay, baby,” he said, holding her legs tight enough to ensure her safety, but not tight enough to hurt her.

“I'm scared daddy,” whispered Sara, holding onto his head as tight as she could.

Looters smashed shop windows, broke into cars and beat each other up for mere items. John started a hastened dash, dodging looters left and right. Sara held on tight, resting her head on his. Street signs and lamp posts looked like a slide show of smeared paint to her as she gazed into the turmoil.

Upon arriving at the car, John spotted looters trying to shatter the windows. He shouted to get their attention, but they ignored it and continued their destruction. He rummaged through his pockets for his car keys, when he found them they fell to the ground. Dropping to one knee, he swung Sara around and placed her on the ground next to him.

He reached for the keys and hit the car alarm sending the looters into a confused panic. One by one they branched off into separate directions. “Come on Sara, let's go,” said John to his Sara while walking towards the car. At this time, they both looked to the skies and saw an ignited ball of rock that breached the atmosphere. It seared the clouds, morphing the blue sky into a dazzling display of fire.

John picked Sara up, held her close and looked into her eyes and said, “baby, I love you.” Tears welled from both of their loving eyes, as the skies burned above them. Hugging his daughter, John sang her favourite song softly and lovingly into her ears.

“Baby, I love you. You are so sweet, I love you.”

The inevitable explosion emitted violently in the distance, followed by a scorching light that engulfed  everything in flames.

The End

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