Last day

On the last day of school is sposed to be a really big thing, esp if your moving up to a new school.

The last day of school wasnt a happy day for me.

On the last day of school my day started out alone..and well ended alone too..

When i walked in my classroom i had no greetins, no smiles, no hug..i just well was there...i was ready to take my test and having hope i would make a good grade one it...and well i did..i worked my but off with studying..and working over and over see ill study but im not to in love with it i guess you can say..well i dont think anyone is..anyways im not at all..but i really wanted to push my grades to give a good look on what teachers would see next i pushed no alot..and well i guess as you will find out..i didnt have any big distractions..i was tired ..worn out..stressed out of my mind..and well really sad...

About a month or two my face stared to freak on me..sure id have a few..well alot few sometimes..but never as much as ive had then and well now..its been about five months now that my face well hates me..ive tried everything i could get my hands on but its not all..i havent had a break in so long..and if i really look in the mirror i will start to cry...ive done it quite a few times..its holding me back..i dont feel pretty like i used to feel...i am not perfect but after really giving myself a stern talk about it i started to see it..and as soon as i face boyfriend has had it bad for like three years now so i guess i should just suck it up right...well im going into a new school..and well as teens...they will eat your flaws alive..and im afraid mine will..well even more..

What ive always wondered is that you see adds on tv and everywhere for acne medicine and them telling you about oh i had it and blah blah blah...but i wonder you know the feeling of having it and then you try what ever brand it is and it works and if you made it you make it some insaine price just to get the money because it well worked..but dont you realize that some people like me..and many more cant buy that...well since you know the feeling of having it and how bad it feels then why in the world you make other people pay so much for something that you should want to share..because like you mightve been crying and why would you make someone else cry..all because of something that they cant buy because you made it that high of a price in the first place?

Anyways back to the story, i got in first block and you know the rest...then i wen to second..the seat on my right empty the seat on my left no one..and the one next to one..i was alone in a cornor...sucked.

Then third period...thats another story..the friend i thought would actually stay...shocker she didnt...

Her name started with an r...i knew her alittle bit but not that well over the year we started talking and it was an actually kind of nice...i didnt have any other friends in that class so was nice..i would sit by her at lunch and that was that..just a rerun over and over...well one day she found someone else..talked to her..sat by her when she could..and then at lunch i took my normal seat next to her and i was asked to move..move down one she said..and i was like..say please..after all that was the least she could do..she was not only taking my seat but taking well my only i moved..i had no one to talk to..i sat near no one..and well..she never talked to me again...except for my on the last day of school..i took my test...we all got done..everyone  moved to their friends..talked to them..hugged them..tear maybe...and one said goodbye to me..muchless told me they would miss me...why...because no one talked to me..

The End

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