Victim # 2

Holden turned out to be a good companion for Mary Jane, in fact, she couldn’t have picked a better person to take along for the ride. He was witty, he had a funny laugh, and most importantly he shared the same strange quirks as Mary Jane.

“So tell me, why are you out here in the middle of nowhere riding around on a spirit journey?” Holden said, arm dangling out the passenger side window, his face upturned to the bright sun.

“I don’t know,” she said, keeping her eyes on the road and not on Holden’s smiling features, “I guess I just snapped or something. I felt like I needed to leave everything behind to really see how I felt about it. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“So, you did have a boyfriend,” he said with a smirk.

“Did,” Mary Jane clarified. They both laughed as they crossed into Arizona.

Mary Jane pulled into the little roadside diner where she had met the old woman. She wanted to show it to Holden so he could get an idea of where the old woman was last spotted.

They both ordered a Diet Coke at the counter and mulled about, commenting on everything from the salt and pepper shakers to the fact that Hanky Panky was still playing on the jukebox.

Mary Jane was distracted, though, by the girl in the booth at the end of the diner, silently sobbing to herself. Wet tears mixed with red dust making her face sticky. She told Holden to wait for her, while she made her way in the girl’s direction. Mary Jane sat opposite of her, and the girl immediately sat up straight, and wiped her face, trying to compose herself.

“Are you okay?” Mary Jane said soothingly.

“I…I was robbed. I…I…I’m lost,” she stammered and began bursting into tears. Mary Jane came around the table and wrapped the girl in her arms.

“Were you by any chance robbed by a crazy native woman?”

The girl suddenly stopped crying and looked up at Mary Jane.

“How did you know?” She gasped. Mary Jane was speechless, did she really find the second person this easily?

“Long story short, I’m supposed to help you,” Mary Jane said.

“Did somebody send you? Was it my mother? Was it Kingsley?” She said, wide eyed, her shiny black hair cascading over her face.

“I have no idea who those people are, but trust me, I can help, I’m already taking another robbing victim to California, you can come if you want, but you have to pass a test first.”

“A test?” The girl questioned nervously. Mary Jane pulled out the postmark. The girl, wide-eyed, pulled out an envelope, a piece from it torn where the postmark had been. The two pieces fit perfectly.

“I’m Mary Jane,” Mary Jane said, “Welcome aboard.”

The girl nodded silently, wiped her eyes again and then offered out her hand politely.

“I’m Amberly.”

The End

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