Last Dance With Mary Jane

Mary Jane gunned the motor of the old blue VW bus. She took one last look at the yellow house she had spent all last summer painstakingly painting, and the fresh summer daisies peeking up happily from the sweet smelling dirt.

But today, none of that mattered. All that mattered to Mary Jane was the road ahead, the vast expanse of nothing.

Mary Jane wanted that nothing. And nothing was going to stop Mary Jane from getting it.

She pulled up the tea length skirt of her vintage sixties yellow lace cocktail dress and kissed her peace pendant hanging from her rearview mirror. Her flowered suitcases were stuffed in the back, and a cooler rested on the passenger seat beside her, filled to the brim with an unending supply of Diet Coke. She was going to need it where she was going.

The road can be a lonely place.

A lonely place of unconquered pleasures, inspiring adventures, and most importantly, nothing.

Goodbye, she thought as she pulled out into the brimming California sunrise.

Where she was going, she didn’t know. But there was something deep inside Mary Jane that was possesing her, making her lust for a challenging sort of freedom, something clearly unknown.

The sun outside was Mary Jane’s favourite midmorning glow, that made the day feel new and exciting, and most pleasant to greet with enthusiasm. She rolled down the window on the freeway, letting it brush over her skin, and feeling the cool and stinging air whip across her face. She breathed it in, and put on her sunglasses. She was ready.

Under the cooler, her maps were sticking out, and she pulled out a map of California and set it on the dashboard in case she might need it for reference. She wasn’t sure where she was going, but she knew that it would come to her. There were so many things she needed to explore, so many dreams left unfulfilled that she must conquer that she would take the first turn that suited her.

As she drove she thought of the house, and how she had left him sleeping there without a goodbye.

Mary Jane hadn’t said goodbye. Although, she was polite enough to leave James a note. She had spelled out her plan to him on the fridgerator door in a combination of magnetic poetry and colorful alphabet magnets. Mary Jane knew that a written note was too passe for her taste, and that the fridegerator was probably the first thing James would see in the morning anyway. Therefore, her reasoning became rather logical.

She snickered thinking about James. How he ate too much granola, and wore too many organic label clothing brands. Mary Jane hated his fascination with fly fishing, and his scruffy Jim Morrison facial hair. She thought about kicking him out, but she found that a bit too severe. He was a nice guy after all, but after so long, Mary Jane realized he wasn’t really what she wanted. She wanted someone truely, and madly like herself.

She drove one handed and rested her head lazily on her right arm, propped up by the open window as she fantasized about her personal sex gods.

Mary Jane fished around on the floor, keeping one hand on the wheel and one eye on the road. She pulled up a mixed tape she had made some time ago. In dark permanant maker, Mary Jane’s Mix was scratched onto the front of the well used tape. She thought it was a stupid title, but she stuck it in the player. The first song that came up was her song, Mary Jane’s Last Dance by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

She smiled broadly and began to sing along, turning up the volume on the speakers, and flahsing a peace sign to any passing car, most which were happily returned. As she drove down the sunny freeway, she breathed in the soothing air and loved no other but California itself. Although, she knew it was time to leave.

Mary Jane now had two options. She could go north, to Oregon and up through Canada, or south, to Arizona. Either option sounded enchanting in its own way, but she needed something that would make any roadtrip decision more valid, McDonald’s breakfast.

The End

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