last christmasMature


“Merry Christmas.” said dad smiling.

I nodded and knelt down by my presents. Great more things to add to my list.

Then suddenly the phone rang. Mum answered it.

“Hello, yes this is she. Oh that is terrible, what, he was? Wonderful. Thank you .yes merry christens to you to. Thank you.”

“What?” I asked.

“Your cousin James has died, in a car accident.”

“That is awful.”

“But, he was an organ donor.”


“He wants, or his family does, to donate his heart, to you!”

“So I will live?”


I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy. I leapt up and gave my parents a huge hug.

I was going to live.

“are you going to open your presents?” mum asked

I nodded and tore of the wrapping paper. Oh m goodness, I had my own 32” tv !!!!!!

It was my second best present in the world. You can guess what my first is.

It is funny,I don’t normally believe in happy endings but I am pretty sure this will be one.

The End

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