last christmasMature

When I woke up it was still dark.

I checked on my mobile and expected it to say 7 o’clock but it said 5. I crept down even so. I heard my mum and dad talking.

“do you think we should tell her?”

“No wait. Let’s not spoil Christmas.”

“wait till when?”

“I don’t know, just calm down. You getting into a temper will only make things worse

“well we will have to tell her soon.”

“I know.”

I backed away from the door as if it were on fire.

Back in my bedroom I thumped my pillow before thinking how they ruin Christmas anymore than it is. How could they make things even worse than they are?  I am dying for goodness sake. I sat upright in my bed until my alarm rang and I got up and went downstairs.


The End

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