last christmasMature

They had still tried hard though, mum had made fish pie, my favorite though she complains about the smell, I smiled gratefully but inside I wanted to run back upstairs and cry but I knew I couldn’t. Mum had tried so hard .Even if it would not seem terribly mean I wouldn’t be able to cry. I have tried so many time but it just comes out as sad little squeaks. 

I still tried hard too.  I tried to eat my fish pie but my fish tasted like cardboard and my mash was to soggy. For desert we had chocolate sponge but I tasted like a wet dirty cloth-not that I have ever eaten one. I poured almost a jug full on. It made me feel sick so I went to bed and pulled out my laptop.  And wrote my will.

Mum and dad: all my money in my bank account and building society. Plus everything I leave of this list.

Auntie Jen and Uncle Tim and James: my laptop, cd player and all my other electronics.

Auntie Chrissie: my china church collection an all my other china.


I suddenly snapped my laptop tight and flung myself onto my bed. I hated writing my will. It made me realize how little time I had left. I am supposed to die at the end of November next year. Just under a year. If you think about it, 11 months sounds like ages. But it isn’t. Not really.  I will only be 14. Not old enough to have a kid get a proper job or at least write a book.  I layed on my bed for hours still until I finally got o sleep.

The End

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