Strange Encounter

There hadn't been enough time to steady herself, let alone scream as she fell on to the concrete below. She could feel her skin slide against the gravel, which generated enough pain for her to respond in a loud, "Crap!" Evelyn wasn't big on cursing, but when she hurt, it was the only appropriate way to express it. She didn't need the help of light to show her that she began to bleed - Eve felt it ooze from her newly made wounds. It could have easily been worse, so she was at least thankful that her hands took the brunt of the accident. Looking around in the darkness for something to wipe the blood off with, her phone rang suddenly, playing the Ghostbusters theme.

"Hello? Oh, mom! I'm so sorry--" Evelyn started to explain the recent events, but as always, was immediately cut off by her frantic mother. She held the cell at an arm's length, still able to hear the shrill yelling of a panicked woman. If there wasn't a burning sensation of pain currently occupying Eve's brain, she would've found her mom's overreaction to be funny. "Mom, please," the phone back up against her ear, she resumed telling her story, "I kind of got lost... no, mom, I didn't take a detour... The directions were crappy... yes, I know my hand-writing is messy! Mom, come on!"

Nineteen years old and even now being scolded like a small child, Eve propped herself up against the building and reluctantly listened to her mom's minor tirade. "So, Evelyn Ithena, I'm going to assume that this means there was no job interview tonight. Not for you, at least." Yuck. She was using dated middle names now. This was serious. A soft, defeated sigh crept out from the speaker, "Oh, Evie," her mom's voice croaked, "I just want you to be safe and secure." Silence followed as neither mother nor daughter spoke. Eve was too busy wrapped in a mixture of guilt and pain - the physical kind - to say anything.

"Well," her mom finally said, "Get home safe, then. No more of these adventures for you, Evelyn. And now I'm definitely paying for your first months rent!"


She hung up before Eve could begin arguing against the idea. It was silly to her, moving out for independence only to hounded by her worrisome mother Ellie. Eve just stared at her cell's home screen, the contrast bright enough to fight off some of the darkness surrounding her. That's when she saw it out of the corner of her eye. Movement.

The body! Eve exclaimed internally, shifting to get a better view of whoever it was sprawled out beside her. At least it wasn't a dead body, she relaxed slightly. Although partially frightened by the less than welcoming area and the late time of night, she was also anxious. Anxious to see who it was that had caused her to rip off half of the flesh on her palms. She kept some distance, though, placing herself behind a garbage bag. Holding up her phone like a flash light, Eve watched with mild caution in her eyes.

It was slow and barely noticeable at first, the figure twitching here and there, and then limbs changed positions and there appeared to be heavy breathing. Eve wasn't completely sure, but the body was far too broad and took up too much space to be female. Oh great, her thoughts raced, now what are the chances of fighting my way outta here when things turn sour? Yet she stayed perched excitedly on her heels.

Whoever it was, their hair was a ruddy blonde colour. They certainly weren't pale, either. Eve peered as closely as she could, spotting strong shoulders followed by well defined arms. That was the most she could make out with her limited lighting.

"My head," a deep voice groaned gently. It shook her out of her wondering (and pathetic) thoughts of a Prince Charming. She leaned forward, straining her neck to listen for anything else. "Why did Gem have to bring me to an earthen bar?" He rolled over, now facing a confused Evelyn. 'Earthen'? She never heard that word used to describe a bar before. What could it possibly mean? And who was Gem? Why did Gem leave him passed out in an alley way? So many questions!

He hadn't opened his eyes yet, still busy with his delirium. I would be a little more than confused if I woke up here, too, Eve sympathized. At this point, her phone was hidden away in her jean pocket again. She didn't want to be the weirdo hovered over his body, inspecting him under the brightness of her cell phone screen. That would have been scary. Right now he was simply trying to reestablish what had happened previously, and she didn't want to give him another shock just yet.

"Father is going to punish me greatly for this," his voice mumbled, sounding disappointed. Evelyn noted the way he spoke. It sounded peculiar in this day and age. But maybe she was jumping to conclusions. He could have been raised differently than she had. Living in a lower class society made things like proper and polite speech mundane for every day life. It was likely that he was well-bred. Then why on earth was he outside of this bar, of all places?

Eve found herself inching closer and closer as each minute passed. The entire situation was being carried out at a sluggish pace that she couldn't stand. It was her impatience that finally gave her away, her feet crunching against a piece of broken glass on the pavement. Damn!

As expected, he shot up in surprise and looked around fervently, "Who's there? Show yourself!"

She winced at the sudden fierce determination in his tone, and with great unwillingness, shone the light of her phone on her young face, "It's just me. Evelyn Black."


The End

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