Last Chance

Finally on her own, Evelyn gets the chance to experience life through her own eyes. But things look a little different to Eve the further she investigates into her new city and the patrons that walk amongst her. After digging too deep, the world she once felt familiar in begins to give way to another place entirely. Fortunately, she gets a little help from a mysterious boy, who claims to be as different as everything else Evelyn encounters, and with time, she may even find that she's a bit out o

"Mom, I've already told you fifty times, you're not helping me with rent!" Eve cried out into a baby pink cell phone. Her mother was trying to coax her into accepting the offer for first and last months rent. Evelyn sighed loudly into the speaker.

"Evie, don't be so stubborn. You know how hard it was for me to get us on our feet." The signal had begun to crackle the deeper Eve traveled into the city. Weird.

"Which is exactly why you need to keep your money. Go on vacation or something," she glanced down at a sheet of paper with directions scribbled messily on it. Her mother continued to lecture her on the opposite end, but Eve was too distracted by trying to find the next street to turn off on. Looking back up, she managed to collide with an older businessman. The cell phone she held suddenly went flying out of her hand, clattering on to the pavement ahead. Evelyn reached out to apologize to the stranger, but he only gave her an irritated look then continued on his way.

"Unbelievable!" She gasped, kneeling down to pick up her phone. Eve sighed in relief to find that it had survived it's fall with a few minor injuries on the screen. Of course, she thought bitterly, I lost the call. Even better was the lack of service in the area, which prevented her from dialing her mom back up and explaining what happened. Now her mom probably sat at home, upset and annoyed that her ungrateful daughter 'hung up' on her. Oh well. She would just have to deal with that later. Currently she still needed to het to her single job interview. If she could even find the store, that is.

It was only now that Eve finally noticed her bleak surroundings. The colour scheme consisted of grays, blacks, and muddy browns. It was getting dark out and her source of light came from the dim lamps that lined the sidewalks. Evelyn wondered why she agreed to an interview at eight o'clock anyway. She wasn't the paranoid type, but wandering around in a strange city she wasn't familiar with seemed to crate an uncomfortable pit in her stomach. Eve took a quick peek at her cell. Still nothing.

Across the street was a deserted-looking adult store, decorated cheaply with 'XXX' posters and tacky neon signs that indicated it was indeed still open for business. Eve crinkled her face in slight disgust, "Seems suitable for this side of town." If shops like that existed around here, what state could her next potential work place be in? It was for a simple retail position, but now passing by yet another porn rental, she figured her sales pitch would be for cat suits and stripper heels.

Her next attration was a rundown bar called appropriately called, 'Last Chance'. Yeah, my last chance to turn around and get the heck out of here, Eve grimaced. The windows were made of reflective glass, preventing anyone from scoping out the patrons within. She also couldn't help but notice the lack of an entrance. Was she really that curious to go inside? Somehow she didn't believe that a petite brunette fresh out of university (and at the top of her class, no less) could blend in with the crowd.

That never stopped her from trying, though!

Evelyn's investigative side kicked in full force, and so she started circling around the building, her hands up against the rough brick for any signs of a door. Why did it have to be so damn dark out here? She was determined, and nothing could stop her from solving this architectural puzzle.

Until she tripped over a body.

The End

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