The World Of The Devil

    Jason groaned and sat up slowly rubbing his head. His vision was blurred from the hit to his head. He couldn't remember anything for a moment, just that he had fallen quite a long ways.

    He rubbed his eyes and looked around. His vision slowly came into focus and he took in the scenery around him.

    He was in the middle of a forest. He didn't recognize it though, the trees were tall, they almost looked like redwoods but they were different, the bark was a darker brown-gray colour.

    Suddenly memories flooded back, the ice fortress, his attempts at the final battle with Satan. And then it had somehow sent him to this place. Jason instantly reached for his Unidex, the only device that he had ever carried with him that wasn't magic.

    It was a handy computer he had picked up from a friend when he had traveled to some other planets in search of an enemy. It had a large database of not only planets but also places on most of the planets as well.

    Jason opened it, the screen was cracked, he'd have to use the voice function.

    "Unidex, identify location," he said.

    The device whirred to life and seemed to calculate his command for a second.

    "Land area, not identified in database. Planet, not identified in database. Solar system, not identified in database. Location, unknown."

    Jason was confused, this place looked a lot like Earth, but then again he had been on a few planets that did look similar as well. Still never this closely related.

    "Unidex, identify primary lifeforms," he said to it.

    Again the whirring.

    "Primary lifeforms identified, recognized as, Necromancers.

    Jason's eyes shot back up and around him again, darting here and there all over the forest looking for anything moving. He reached for his sword again.

    Necromancers were the priests of Satan and as such, they had the power to invoke his evil and create any type of beasts they wanted.

    If they were the primary lifeforms here, than this planet would be crawling with some very nasty beings.

    Jason unsheathed the sword and held it fast.

    "Unidex, scan kilometer radius for lifeforms."

    The unidex whirred for a few minutes, and Jason felt a bead of sweat drip down his face as he stood very still sword held at his waist ready to swing into action.

    Finally the whirring stopped.

    "Scan complete, lifeform located, half kilometer, 45 degrees horizontal, 72 degrees vertical. Lifeform unregistered."

    It was in the trees, Jason flipped the unidex back into his belt and put both hands on the sword facing the exact location the unidex had stated.

    Nothing moved.

    Jason listened for any sounds at all. There weren't even crickets chirping, although Jason didn't know if there were even crickets on this strange planet.

    He stared hard into the leaves. Suddenly there was a small shift in the branches. It may have been the wind shifting the leaves, but Jason knew better than to think that.

    He quickly ran behind a large trunk of the nearest tree, and then peaked around. Once again there was no movement at all.

    Again suddenly there was a shift of movement. This time though it continued to move. But it was erratic, shifting in spaced out places. It was getting closer as well.

    Then Jason felt something slice across his left cheek. A razor sharp claw moving at lightning speed. He could hardly register that it was against his skin before it was gone again.

    This creature was faster than anything he had been up against before. And it was not a nice being.

    Jason reacting quickly, jumped up high onto the lowest branch, still leaping from branch to branch far up into the tree. The creature was not far, it zoomed past him again, this time clawing his side, leaving three trails of blood.

    Jason realized he would have to use something he had never wanted to use since he'd gotten his hands on it. Otherwise this creature would rip him to shreds before he was even able to take a swing at it.

    He reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out a small metal ball with a tiny button on it. His thumb quickly landed on the button, and as it did the creature suddenly appeared in front of him, now moving at normal speed and about to take another swipe. It was a scrawny beast, looking more like a skeleton than a creature, all black but with wickedly curved claws on its hands and feet, and an elongated, beak-looking nose.

    Jason, quick as the creature now, pocketed the device and swung his sword. But the creature blocked his swipe with its claws, using them as little swords to throw off his blow.

    To the naked eye Jason was now moving as fast as the little beast, as the both flew through the trees, blurs of movement meeting and then separating every few seconds, as they both went in for the attack.


    Artimiss was a farmer. He was a father, and a husband, as well as a provider to the small community, but first and foremost his duty was as a farmer, and he carried out his duty well.

    Even when there were reports of villagers disappearing in the night or being carried off by beasts created by the Necromancer council, Artimiss did not worry.

    He continued to grow his crops and tend to his cattle as any good farmer would.

    Even though his farm was on the outskirts of the village, near the great wooded area where most of the creatures had been spotted. He still did not worry.

    The Necromancer council had always created these beasts and there had always been reports of these kinds from before he was a youngling. He needed more to worry about his crops and cattle and how well they were taken care of.

    Artimiss was not human, he was not anything near what a human would look like. The only things close to humans on his world were the Necromancer council, and even they were questionable. He was a Alessian. A being of cat-like creatures that were able to walk on two legs, and speak of the Necromancer tongue.

    If the Necromancers were the Kings and Lords of the planet than the Alessians were the commoners. They provided food and water, as well as materials to the Necromancers. They built fortresses and palaces, as well as temples and alters.

    They also were the lowest form on the food chain on the planet, other than cattle. But the beasts that roamed the grounds preferred the warm and full meat of an Alessian to the stringy bland taste of the bug-like cattle.

    Artimiss struck his shovel into the ground and stood back, stretching, his claws on his paws releasing and retracting as he stretched. His tail swung around constantly in a tick tock motion when he was working. Now it stretched as well and then hung in the air motionless.

    He looked into the sky, the two suns baked the ground today, it was quite hot for the season, but Artimiss didn't complain. There was no use in complaining over something as trivial as warm weather.

    He was thankful for his healthy crops and cattle this season, and happy for his well taken care of family.

    He was about to get back to work when suddenly a creature burst from the trees flying through the air and landing several yards away in his crops.

    Artimiss cried out in frustration and ran towards the creature, intending to use his shovel to scare it off. But as he neared it he realized he had made a mistake in judgement.

    It was a skitter, a very nasty creature, and too fast for Artimiss to fight. It was slowly getting up, it looked injured.

    It saw Artimiss and hissed through its beak at him, its dark eyes taking him in. It, like any other creature on this planet, saw him as an easy meal, and it was hungry from its battle with the human.

    The skitter was about to lunge at Artimiss when suddenly a sword came flying down and cut its head off in a clean swipe, then stuck in the ground a few feet away. Moments later a human landed next to headless beast as its body heaped to the ground.

    Jason looked at Artimiss and quickly grabbed his sword holding it at his wayside in defense again, ready to continue fighting.

    Artimiss at first was more than surprised to see a human standing in front of him. He had never seen a Necromancer before, and he wondered why one was flying around killing a skitter.

    "My Lord, what brings you to my humble land?" Artimiss asked, falling to his knees.

    Jason was taken aback, he hadn't really expected this cat-like creature to being talking, much less calling him its Lord. He sheathed his sword slowly and then put his hand out.

    "No no friend, I'm no Lord, my name is Jason, I'm a friend."

The End

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