Laskhmi's take on 2012


Apocalypse. Brimstone and fire. End of days. Tsunamis. Earthquakes. Melting glaciers. 2012. The countdown has begun we are told every now. The D-day, however, comes and goes and the sun rises the next day as bright as ever and life goes on. Another prophecy bites the dust.

The prophets of doom never give up. They are already thinking up a storm, I am sure, for when 2012 comes and goes without even whimper. Two years down the line, cinema owners can hope for a successful re-run of the current hit movie 2012.

“Provided there are people alive to see it all over again,” chipped in my daughter as we discussing the merits of this movie over breakfast. “This newspaper says there have twelve such stories about the end of the world that never came true.”


The End

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