I had finally made it to the city. It takes forever to get there. Well to me it does. So the first thing that I did was head to the newspaper stand. Alright I know I don't need a paper, after all a lot of it was falling apart. But something tells me that I should just play along, you know like I'm part of all of this even though I'm not. Anyway I take a paper that has seen better days and carefully open it.

I pretend to read it, since there wasn't anything there on it. All the ink was long gone. I acted like I don't have a care in the world, but really I'm keeping my eyes and ears open. You just never know what might happen. I try my best to not have anyone behind me and if I do have someone there I definitely keep an eye on them. You just can't be to careful around here.

"You wouldn't happen to know who might be hiring?" I ask the guy standing behind the newsstand.

He scratched the back of his head before answering me. "Well I think they might be hiring down at that company called Dezix? Not really sure, but you could go and check with them."


"No problem and good luck."

So I headed off to Dezix. Well to the nearest building and went in. I really not think it matters on where Dezix is really at. Since everything around here is falling apart. I walk up to a lady behind a desk, who was failing her nails. At least I think that's what she was doing, since she didn't have anything in her hand, but it looked like she was doing her nails. Looks like whatever she was holding had long since rotten away.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes, you can. Are you hiring?"

She looked down at her desk then back up to me with a smile on her face.

"We are hiring. Here take these and head through that door over there, the interviews are at the end of the hall."

She handed me some papers that were yellow and had some stains on them and then she  pointed to her left to a door, or what was left of it. I thanked her and headed through the door. There was only one way to go and that was to the right.

At the end of the hall I open up another door and went in to find a waiting room which wasn't to bad looking. I sat down next to a little table with fake flowers in a vase on it. There were some magazines on the table. I picked one up, these you could read. I didn't really read it though, just flip through the pages. There were only two people in the room with me.

One was a man who kept bouncing his leg up and down and the other one was a lady who for some odd reason kept putting on lipstick, and yes the lipstick was all gone. She would look in this little pocket mirror then she would take the top off of the lipstick tube then she would put on the lipstick then she would put everything away in this purse just to turn around again and take everything out again and repeat herself. Totally weird.

I once again pretended that nothing strange is going on. The door next to me open up and a man in a dark blue business suit came out of it followed by another man who was holding a mildew hat. The first man turned around and shook the other man's hand.

"I am so sorry that I wasn't able to help."

"It's alright, you did your best. Well I best get going and try again."

"Good luck to you."

The man nodded his head and put the hat on his head. I notice that a large hole was in the back of it.

"Next please."

The guy who was bouncing his leg up and down got up and ran his hand through his hair. He looked nervous. The other man held the door open for him and they walked through. So it was just me and Lipstick Woman left in the room who was totally creeping me out right now, with that lipstick business.

Open mirror put on lipstick, close mirror and put it away in purse and repeat. I so couldn't wait for her to finally leave. Good grief! I am trying so hard in not rolling my eyes to the ceiling right now.

Finally! The two men came through the door. Bouncing Leg man left fast, he didn't say goodbye or anything. He ran right out the door. Lipstick Woman finally put her lipstick away and got up with a smile on her face and followed the man through the door. I had the whole waiting room to myself, which now was pretty creepy. 

Oh no! There was that feeling again. The same one I got in the basement. Man! I really hope it wasn't one of those things again. I quickly had a look around the room all the while pretending to read the magazine. In the corner that was next to a broken statue I felt something was there watching me. I of course had to pretend that nothing was in the room with me. I really wanted to jump up and run right out the door. But I didn't. I just sat there and kept pretending to read.

The man and Lipstick Woman finally came through the door. He shook her hand and she went back to her seat and started once again in putting on her lipstick. Looks like she was one of those who never leaves and keeps repeating themselves over and over again. I've ran in to a couple of people who did that. 

The man turned to me and said, "It looks like your my last interview for the day. Just follow me please."

He lead me through the door to a bare office room. Well almost bare there was just a chair in there. The furniture that once was in there was gone now. He went over to where the chair was at and then he sat down with a loud thump. He just sat right down even though there wasn't a chair there. I of course  sat in that one chair that happen to be across from him.

"May I have your resume?"

Yes, of course." I handed him those yellow papers that the lady up front had given me. I forgot to pretend to fill them out, but it didn't matter. He took them and started to read. It was really quiet in that office except for a ticking sound of an unseen clock.

He put the papers down in between us on a make believe desk. He opens a desk door and takes something out. I'm guessing it must be more papers or a pen.

"I see that it's your first time in working?"

"Yes, it is.

Another creepy thing. How in the heck do they know about that stuff! Like me in my first time in looking for a job or the time that I graduated from high school, there was no one there at the school when that day came it was just me. I of course pretended to go through the so called ceremony. I'm certain that someone had to be there, I just couldn't see them.

It looked like he was opening a folder. He wrote something in it and then he turned it around and push it across the make believe desk.

"We have an opening in the mail room, it's a good start for you. Just sign here please."

I picked up the pretend pen and just moved my hand around like I was really writing. I put the pen down and he takes the folder back and looks at it.

"Perfect, you can start tomorrow. Be here at seven in the morning and don't be late."

He gets up and leaves. I didn't have a chance to thank him or anything. Out in the waiting room there is no one there. The man and Lipstick Woman are gone. I wonder where they went, in fact I wonder a lot of times on where people go when they disappear. That feeling of begin watched was also gone. I shrug my shoulders and left. I headed back to the farm. Looks like I'll be staying there for a little while. At least until I find a place. It just wasn't time for me to move out yet.

The End

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