18th Birthday

I was having that dream again. It's were I'm walking down a really nice wooded path. I'm guessing that it must be summer time, the trees are in full leaf. This might sound crazy, but I swear that I can smell the fresh air and also I can hear birds singing somewhere in the treetops. I can't see them, but I hear them. I've been having this dream since I was 12 years old. When the really weird stuff started to happen.

I've never made it to the end of the path, every time that I get close to it, my stupid clock goes off and then the dream ends and I would wake up a bit crabby or in this case I'm waking up on the floor in a rotten bed that happens to be mine. That only happens on my birthday. And I'm getting ahead of myself, since your probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about. Well I'll tell you and then you'll understand. It all started on my 12 birthday.

I was having a really great dream, you know the one that I already told you about. Anyway I was really enjoying myself, looking all over the place and walking really slowly. But all of a s sudden I heard a really loud crack and then I woke up on the floor with this bed underneath me that smelled really bad and it was falling apart.

I totally freak out. I jumped up from the ground and ran downstairs as fast as I could go screaming at the top of my lungs for my grandparents, Ben and Maggie. They didn't answer and I couldn't find them anywhere at all. I looked all over for them, but they just weren't there. I checked all the places that I normally would find them. I started off in the kitchen then I went to the sewing room,den,back porch, garden, tool shed and the barn. Nothing, they were no where at all.

By now I was in tears and worn out, from all the screaming and running around. So I went back inside and sat down in the kitchen trying to figured out what was going on. I drew my knees up to my chest and wrap my arms around them. I put my head down and stayed that way for a while or maybe just a little bit, I don't remember how long I stayed like that.

Um....... anyway when I did look up I had a good look around me. What I saw I didn't like the look of it at all. I'm not really great at giving details so I'll ask you this. Have you ever seen an abandoned house that gave you the creeps? Well that's what the place looked like. The house was really old looking, lots of dust and it was falling apart. I got up and started to have a really good look around me. It was awful. I was glad that I slept in my slippers last night, cause there was broken glass everywhere. I hadn't notice before but the windows were all broken out.

I decided to head upstairs and get dressed. But that was out of the question. When I open up my dresser door all my clothes were gone! It was empty! I freak out a second time and started to pull all of the dresser doors out. I also checked the closet. Nothing! Not a thing! What happen to my clothes! Where are my grandparents! What's going on here! Those were the thoughts that where running through my head.

I was really confused and scared. I'll bet that you would be to if something like that had happen to you. I started to call for Ben and Maggie again, but I knew deep down that no one was going to answer me. I went back and started checking again for them. I rechecked all the places that I knew I would find them, still nothing. I went upstairs and checked all that rooms, even though I knew that they wouldn't be there. Ben and Maggie as far as I could remember never went upstairs.

I don't know why that was, but I had never seen them up there. Before going downstairs I checked the attic. Which was a bit creepy. Attics and basements, which were my next stop are creepy places to be at, even in the daytime. The attic I didn't have to much trouble going to, but I knew the basement was going to take some bravery. There's just something about it that I really don't like. I don't know what it is, but every time I went down there with Grandpa of course. I would get this feeling that something was down there and it was watching me.

I know it's stupid, I mean it's just a basement right, nothing down there but old newspapers and dusty boxes and yet I just couldn't shake that feeling when ever I was down there with him. Which explains that I never went down in the basement by myself. Of course this time I was myself. I remember that there was an old flashlight in the kitchen cabinet. I hope it was still there and that it worked.

I found the flashlight and yes! it stilled worked although the light was really weak. I'll have to quick about this. I didn't want to be down there when the light gave out. I mean would you want to be down there in the dark by yourself? I didn't think so.

I headed outside and around the house. The basement was in the back. I put my hand on the handle and breath in really deep a few times, trying to steady my racing heart. I took one more breath and open the basement door. Total blackness meet me. I swallowed and turned on the flashlight and headed down the cold cement steps.

My heart was beating a mile a minute. It seemed like it took forever to make it to the bottom of the steps, once down there I swept the flashlight around, hoping that my grandparents might be hiding down there. But I knew in the back of my mind that they wouldn't be down there. If they had to hide they would have gotten me, they would have never left me alone. All though they couldn't be found right now. Something must have happen to them, I'm sure of it.

While down there I started to have that feeling again of begin watched. I was getting really scared. I swear I thought I saw something move in the corner. I jumped and drop the flashlight, it went out! Just great! What I don't need right now. While in the dark I quickly ran to a corner were I knew there was a metal baseball bat. I picked it up and just in time. I heard heavy breathing behind me and heard something moving towards me. I didn't know what it was but I started to swing that bat around like I was totally nuts.

BAM! Whatever it was I hit it really hard with the bat, it gave a shriek and then it growled. I kept swinging the bat around. I wasn't trying to hit anything at all, I just wanted to keep that thing whatever it was away from me. I had this feeling that this thing was getting ready to bounce when all of a sudden there was this really bright light and it shone right down the basement steps and lighted up the whole basement. That thing gave another shriek and disappeared.

I stopped swinging the bat. The light that was coming down the steps felt really good. It was warm and comfortable. For the first time that day I didn't feel afraid anymore. I felt at peace like it was going to be OK and that I was safe. I picked up the flashlight and headed up the steps. All the while the light was slowly fading away. When I got to the top it was gone. For the first time I found that I was really thirsty and hungry. I hadn't ate or drank at all today. I went to the kitchen in hopes of finding something.

I had a feeling that I wouldn't find anything there. So the only thing left was to head back to my room and get some sleep. It was getting dark outside and I didn't want to be out there when it got really dark. Up stairs I moved me dresser over to the door to block it, I wasn't taking any chances. I was glad that I had only one window. There was a time that I really wanted two, but now I'm really glad I only have one. So I pushed my closet over to it. After that was done I was going to take the old blanket off that bed and sleep on the floor, when lo and behold there next to my rotten smelly bed was a tray with a shiny silver cover over a large platter.

How the heck did that get there?! I know that I didn't see it earlier. I walked slowly over to the tray with the bat raised up high, ready to hit whatever might be under that silver cover. I pushed it with my foot and the cover came off and underneath was.... FOOD! and water to. I couldn't believe it! Right in front of me was yummy food. I got down on my hands and knees and just looked at it. I was afraid to touch it, I didn't want it to disappear. I put my hand out and with the tip of my finger I tap the water glass. It didn't disappear. Thank goodness!

I grab the glass and drank the water down, it tasted great. Then I started to eat the food that also tasted great. I wonder if the food begin here had to do with that bright light that I saw in the basement earlier? I mean it had to be, cause that food wasn't there before that light showed up.  I don't know what's going on here, but I was grateful for that light. Underneath the tray was a warm blanket that I took and wrapped it around myself. I went to sleep right away. I was totally out of it.

Well anyway the next day everything went back to normal. I woke up in my own bed,it wasn't smelly and rotten anymore. The dresser and closet were back in their place. It was like yesterday had never happen. But I knew better, for next to me was the metal bat and underneath the bed was the tray with the silver cover. I put the tray in the closet.

From that day forward I stopped wearing my pj's, I always slept in my clothes and with my shoes on. Since everything that I own would disappear. As for the bat I kept it with me where ever I went,which is another strange thing. I can take the bat into places that normally I would have to leave it behind. But it's like nobody notices it, or that their ignoring it. Why? Something wasn't right here. I didn't find out until later. Hold up I'm getting ahead of the myself. I'm going to end up telling you the ending even before I get started.

So anyway after that rotten day happen I would have to relived it on my birthday. And today is my birthday. I'm 18 years old. So I'm pretty use to it now, expect I still get startled when I wake up in my smelly bed. I don't think I'll ever get use to that. Oh, for crying out loud! I completely forgot my manners. I never gave you my name yet, sorry about that. It's Amrunel. There now that's out of the way back to the story.

So I'm laying on my smelly and rotten bed. Now you would think by now I should just sleep on the floor the night before my birthday, so that I could avoid waking up in that thing. Well I'll tell you I have tried it before, but for some reason I stilled ended up in the bed. No matter where I slept even if it wasn't in the bedroom I would always end up in that darn bed. I tried a couple of birthdays, but I gave up on that and just put up with it.

I sighed and got up. I went to the closet and got the tray out. Every birthday there would be food and water on that tray, never any other time. I learned to spread it out for the day. After I ate I would just go and explore the old homestead. Trying to figure out what was going on and why. Of course I didn't find anything. By the way I raised in Hummingbird County. A few times a month Grandpa Ben would take us to the city, Lark City for some shopping. Grandma never went with us.

I never thought anything about it, but now that I notice,she never left the house not even to go outside. As for my grandpa I notice that there  was a certain street that he would never go down when we were in the city. I'm not sure way that was. He would go all the way around just to get to Ricky's Diner, even though you could get there faster just by going down that street. Plus they both never went upstairs. If they needed me to do something they would always stand at the foot of the stairs and call for me.

There are a lot of mysteries in this place. I don't think I'll solve any of them, but on the other hand you just never know. I know that I can't stay here on the farm forever, it's time that I moved on. There's something in the air that I don't like at all, whatever it was it was getting worse. Every birthday that I had I notice that the sky was getting darker and an evil feeling was in the air. On this birthday the sky was black and I had this feeling that whatever was in the basement was gone now. Not dead mind you, it was roaming somewhere now. Which means I better watch myself.

The End

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