Control Freak

"I am freaking. out." She said, drunning her hands against her desk. She eyed her books - biology textbook. Class notebook. Novel in progress. Planner.

One thing short. Onethingshort.

"Why? You gave it to him, so it's not like he stole it, and you post your writing online for the entire world to see. Why are you freaking out?" Her friend replied.

"I don't like my notebooks being out of my sight when somebody is reading them. I like being able to see them read it and making sure that the notebook doesn't disappear. OCD, remember?"

"He's your boyfriend, honey. He's not going to steal or trash your notebook. Or anything you've done, for that matter." Another friend patted the girl's hair comfortingly.

The girl glanced at the clock, clicked her pen, played with the tiers of ruffles on her shirt, twirled her earrings.

"Stop fidgeting."

"I don't like this!" She said, glaring at her friends.

"Class is almost over. You know you always see him in the hall - you can get it back at the bell. No big deal."

The girl grumbled and clicker her pen some more until one of the other girls snatched it out of her hand.

The girl yelped and looked at her friend in dismay.

"You were driving me insane." The friend shrugged.

"And you think I'm not already almost there?"

"Down, control freak. Down."

The End

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