The Final ChapterMature

The day after: 9:30 AM - Prague Airport

The burden of the Cabal had been lifted, and I felt like I could finally relax. Kurtis was smiling more than ever before: I had never thought it possible! The hustle and bustle of the airport was joyfully distracting. I had always wondered what life was like for the next person. I had always been different. Whether it was being brought in a stately home and having many opportunities available to me, in school and out, or whether I was raiding tombs, and climbing mountains, chased by mercenaries. Although I had adored my various escapades, I had on occasions longed to live as a 'normal' person. 

And judging by the looks on many of the faces that met my gaze, that was not going to happen anytime soon. A film crew, that had been reporting on developments in a few terminals of the airport turned their focus, quite literally, to Kurtis and I. An excited reporter approached me: luckily he was English. Not that I minded speaking other tongues, it fascinated me, but it was always good to be reminded of home. 

"The thing I adore about other countries is that I always meet fellow British men and women. And today is no exception! Here is Lara Croft, the famous English archeologist. So Lara, are you still traveling the globe on various adventures?"

It had been a while since I had experienced the media, I smiled and bit my lip, nervously pushing my sunglasses further up the bridge of my nose. I hated interviews with a passion, they always exaggerated what I said and rumours spread...

"Well, you could say that. Although not for much longer, I think. I am getting on a little now."

The reporter laughed.

"Oh, so how old are you?"

"Well, over 25. That's all you need to know." I winked at this point.

The reporter laughed again. 

"Well, you are still one of the most popular pin-ups worldwide."

I noticed his gaze firmly stuck to my bust. I sighed, this was a common occurrence whenever I met new people. 

"And who, may I ask is this?"

Kurtis rose, smiling weakly at the camera. I looked at him as if to say 'don’t reveal too much.’

"Ah, well...I am one of Lara’s companions...”

Kurtis was cut off by gasps from the crew, and from some of the crowd that had gathered to 'watch.'

One voice called out.

“It’s Kurtis, Kurtis Trent!”

Bloody hell, so much for lying low!

In the time taken for the interview to progress, our gate had been called, and we sprinted to make the three minute cut off, the crew in close pursuit.

“Can we get some more details as to how you survived Boaz’s attack?”

“Just a few questions...”

We returned shouts.

“No comment!”

Old habits came into play, and I somersaulted over various crowds: perhaps in hindsight too much of a display (Ah well, old habits die hard, I suppose.) 

We eventually arrived at the gate, and passed through security. Only after take off were we both fully relaxed. The plane was quiet, and only half full. Kurtis turned to me.

"I hope we don't have to face that again."

"Well, I have an idea that would perhaps prevent that. How about, we lead a normal life?"

"Us? Normal? No way in hell, Lara!"

“Maybe you’re right. And I’ve been thinking, doing what I do is just part of who I am. I can’t stop these escapades. It’s my life, and whatever happens, I am never hanging up the guns.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

Our conversation was interrupted by a beep from my headset. It was Alistair. 

“Well done Lara, but I’m afraid there’s more news. Records concerning the Cintamani Stone have been uncovered stating that it does exist. It needs to be discovered before this information leaks into public media. A wish-fulfilling stone could wreak havoc in the wrong hands. Can you get to Tibet asap?”

“Alistair, we’re already there.” 


The End

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