I awoke to cold, stinging feeling to my back. My eyelids fluttered open, and I realised that I was topless.

I went to move, but I felt a searing pain through all my limbs. I eventually rolled onto the floor, and clambered for my shirt. Gingerly, I put it on, spasming with constant pain. As soon as I was dressed, I looked at my surroundings. The room was full to burst with ancient books and bottles of unnamed liquid. I had been lying on a metal bed, which explained the cold sensation. But why all this pain?

I clambered across the floor, trying to gain the strength to stand. I scrambled to my knees, and threw myself at the sink to try and support myself. I felt my legs fold beneath me, and I collapsed to the floor. My vision blurred, and footsteps echoed painfully in my ear.

Lara's face blurred slowly into view. I smiled weakly. Suddenly I blacked out, and my entire body shook with violent spasms.

Her scream was the last thing I heard before consciousness deserted me.

The End

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