Unpleasant RendezvousMature

I was greeted by white walls, and the sound of dripping pipes.

I blinked continuously, forcing my eyes to focus. I tried to move, but I was hindered somehow. Looking down, and realised that I was strapped to a wooden crate. Kurtis was nowhere to be seen, it was just me.

And that blasted dripping pipe.

I couldn't believe that I had been so naive. My stupidity, fueled by my hatred for Karel had lead me into an awful situation. I strained and pulled, but was firmly stuck. I was alone. My actions wouldn't leave me, and I became frustrated with myself.

Suddenly I felt something that I hadn't felt for at least a decade.

Tears, warm salty tears pouring down my cheeks. Footsteps echoed through the winding corridors, and they slowly became louder and louder.

Bloody hell, I was going to be seen like this!

My nightmare was revealed. A hooded figure appeared, laughing, in the doorway. I felt instinctively for my pistols, but naturally I had been disarmed. And anyway, not that I could shoot whilst I was tied up. The figure dropped his hood. Karel had come to gloat, the bastard.


“Mrs Croft, we meet again.”


“Yes Karel, sadly we do.”


“Oh dear, I can see you’re quite upset about that. See?” He stroked one gloved finger across my wet cheek, so I bit him, hard. He whipped back, cursing.


“Don’t make things difficult, Mrs Croft.”  He snapped his fingers, and two more hooded figures entered.


“Take her to Eckhardt’s Lab; I don’t want her to miss this.” Upon these orders, I was cut from the board, and dragged to the lab. Friction stung at my knees, but although I had the willpower, my legs refused to cooperate. That injection had obviously played havoc with my system. I was pushed onto a lone chair, and the men stood bolt upright next to me. Karel drew up the tablet onto a lectern, and began to scan his eyes over it. He was about to begin, when a sudden realisation came over him.


“We cannot commence the proceedings until we are all present. Bring the male here.” He snapped his fingers again. One of the men swiftly departed.


The male?

I realised. Kurtis! Whatever the hell was happening to him, I needed to find out. This burst of willpower finally overcame the drug within me, and I quickly set a flying punch at the remaining guard. He collapsed to the floor, out for the count. Karel called out, but my speed had returned. He lunged at me, but I was faster. A kick to the head left him on the floor momentarily. As fast as my body would allow, I grasped the tablet from its stand, then reclaimed my pistols from the guard’s holsters.


“Mine, I think!”


With nothing more to do for now, I sprinted off to find Kurtis.


I wasn’t leaving without him this time.


The End

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