I was in 'tomb raider' mode.

I dashed upstairs to my closet, pulling out various articles of clothing. Soon a bundle of shirts and shorts covered the floor. Kurtis emerged in the doorway.

"Lara, relax. Just think about what you need."

"Where did Alistair say the tablets were recovered?"


I was puzzled by this.

"Really? But the Tablets of Destinies are artifacts from Mesopotamian mythology - Babylonian! How did they end up so far from home?"

"That is a question that will be answered in due course. Right now, we need to focus on getting to Bavaria. The tablets were uncovered in the Watzmann Glacier."

I pulled on a black top that cropped just above my navel, a pair of dark green shorts, and black boots. I was soon tightening my holsters, and choosing a pair of Enfield TC-10's as my weapons of choice- I wanted to be conspicuous.

Kurtis quickly dressed, and we made our way through Croft Manor, and out into the afternoon sun. There was a subtle breeze the played with the strands of hair on my face and billowed a little under my shirt.

The helicopter stood waiting in proud glory. We made brief final checks; we needed less than usual as we would be staying in Bavaria, not an isolated hut in the middle of desert. Kurtis gently retrieved his Chirugai from his belt, checking that all the spikes were sufficiently sharp.

"Imagine me trying to get this through security!"

Laughter lightened the atmosphere temporarily. We clambered into the helicopter, and soon the propellers whipped. Headsets were soon on, and we were airborne.

Violent groups had never stopped me in the past- I had dealt with the Mafia easily enough.

And the Taliban were to be no exception.

The End

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