Pitter Patter Thud CrashMature

After my revelation, the day felt empty.

I decided a walk around the manor might bring some entertainment, so I began to amble at a snail-like pace. I descended the main staircase. Alistair was swiftly tapping away at the ever obedient computer. A pang of guilt struck me. I didn't need Alistair anymore; there was nothing to be done. But I didn't want to 'fire' him without good reason. My thoughts were interrupted by the shuffling entry of Winston. The crockery clattered on the tray, spilling the routine tea over the edge of the cups. I often wondered whether the tray had fused to Winston's body, he was always carrying it. I soon returned to my depressing reverie.

Such thoughts haunted me for weeks. I became quite ghost-like, frozen in realisations. All these revelations suddenly made my existence dull.

Life dragged by, and without vigorous training and constant trips, I began to feel a little old. Croft Manor seemed empty, and too large. I could tell that Kurtis was troubled.

"Lara, what's wrong? You've been so out of touch these past few weeks. You can tell me."  He kissed my forehead, and took my hands in his, gently stroking them with his thumb.

"I just feel, so bored! Without all my crazy escapades, I'm at a loose end. I'm useless."

"No Lara, don't be silly. Perhaps we just need to find you a new adventure. I don't know, what do you want to do?"

No one had asked me that question for a long time.

"I want...excitement. Perhaps tour the world, see the places my father told me about. Then possibly...Oh, I don't know..."

Kurtis smiled.

"What? Tell me, I won't laugh."

"Perhaps we could have children. I want to keep the Croft line alive, for my parents' sake."

"Imagine these vast corridors and stately rooms filled with their laughter. I've always wanted kids too."

We both laughed.

I could hear it now, the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

These gentle sounds in my head were abruptly interrupted by thundering, heavy footsteps. Alistair emerged in the doorway, excited and panting.

"Lara, come quickly!"

"Why, whatever is the matter?"

"The...Ta...Tablet of Destinies, do you know what they are?"

"Yes, the fabled powerful manuscripts from Mesopotamian mythology. What of them?"

"They have been uncovered...by archaeologists."

"What's the problem? Artifacts are unearthed all the time."

I paused.

"Wait, these aren't ordinary archaeologists are they?"

"Well, you tell me! Would you consider a select group of the Taliban to be ordinary archaeologists?"


I could tell that things would not end well.


I also realised that retirement was not as close as I once thought.

The End

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