The sunlight crept through the curtains and slowly prized open my eyes.

Kurtis' arm was still around my waist from the previous night, his head resting against my back. I raised my right hand, and looked lovingly at the ring which sparkled upon my finger. 

I kissed it, then played with it in my hands.

I began to think.

I was now a married woman. My life was so, empty. But no, that wasn't the right way to put it. My life was settled, yes that sounded better. I had a man that loved me, Croft Manor was now completely restored, and there had been little drama since my escapades concerning the 'Cup of Jamshid.' I had been given the chances throughout my life to go on wonderful adventures. Some of them, incredibly rewarding. I recalled all the artifacts and events that I had been so privileged to witness. I remembered how it all began with the Scion of Atlantis. Then my escapades concerning the Dagger of Xian. Tombs, temples, ice and sea. I had literally travelled the world, and I considered myself lucky.

However there were parts of my life I wished to erase. The death of the man from which I learnt everything had been difficult to come to terms with. The death of my mentor, Werner Von Croy, had been strange and disturbing. At the time of his death my mind was set on clearing my name and all the adventure that came with it. It was only later when I cast my mind back that I realised all he had done for me. Sure enough, his journal sat proudly on my bookshelf. I felt so guilty, I thought he had deserted me in Egypt. Thinking back, what could he have done? It was a sheer miracle that I had survived. I later discovered he had begun a dig to look for me. I had never had chance to thank him, too many things followed after. Simply remembering all my experiences made me feel breathless, exhilarated.

But I supposed those days were over now. It was time for close that chapter of my life and look to the future.

It was time to hang up the guns.



The End

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