Yet Another 'Boss Battle'Mature

The creature reared up, fire billowing from its nostrils.

Sweat began to trickle down my forehead, and I breathed in deeply.

It charged.

Bullets began to fly from my pistols, and as always, the beast did not fall. It kicked me right in the stomach, knocking my backwards. Before I hit the floor I transformed the fall into a back flip, and carried on firing. Suddenly the beast ground to a halt, and flames burst from its ears, nostrils, and its mouth, singeing my skin. I gasped with the pain. Using the opportunity, the creature bolted towards me. I rolled away with a second to spare. The beast crashed against the wall, knocking it own. I took my chance, and sliced off one of its heads. The creature came back to consciousness, and winced. Now unable to produce as much fire, it was absolutely enraged, and charged, full of anger. I was unforgiving, and switched to a shotgun. I wounded the beast badly, and it fell, blood spurting from its wounds. I took no chances, and withdrew my sword.

I took my aim, then in one clean motion, the sword was protruding from its chest.

"Right in the heart."

Guene stared on, shocked. She slowly applauded.

"Congratulations Miss Croft, now come and claim your prize."

I had no interest in eternal life, but I couldn't say that. I had to play along.

Alistair, who had 'gone to the little boys room' for most of the episode, returned to the earpiece, flustered.

"Lara, what are you doing?"

"Trust me Alistair, I'm a bloody grown woman."

I made my way to the vacant throne, and sat. Guene smiled. She spoke out to the entire gathering.

"I give our victor a reward- she will be the first to drink from the Cup of Jamshid."

A multitude of shocked voices arose.

"Silence, let her drink."

I walked slowly to the orb. It was so magical and enticing. The cup glowed within, the scarlet elixir drawing me in. In that moment, I desired to drink it. I carefully grasped the goblet, sighing in awe.

"Lara, don't. Now take the cup and get the hell out of there!"

His voice was a muffled noise. I had truly succumbed to the goblet's power. I drew the cup to my lips. I peered into the dark liquid, and saw Guene's evil face reflected back. She looked pleased.

There was something wrong. I didn't like how easy it had been.

"Dear Guene, why don't you drink first? I am not worthy..."

"Don't be silly, drink! It's your reward."

I was still uncertain. Secretively, I dipped a tiny piece of my ripped clothing into the goblet. It burned in seconds.

She had tried to poison me.

Realising my discovery, her smile quickly reversed.

In one quick motion, I swiveled round and threw the poison into her face. She screamed as it burned, and left red markings on her skin. She shook, maddened, and her hands shakily opened her robe. Strapped to the inside, the real goblet shimmered. The other ten looked on, confused. One man arose.


She turned, fury in her eyes.

"Were you going to keep the cup for yourself?"

She remained silent. In a flash, I saw the glint of a blade, which only a moment later protruded from Guene's chest. She gasped, spluttered, then fell to the floor. The man greedily took the cup. I couldn't let him drink, it could mean the end of humanity.

In one swipe, the goblet was firmly in my grip. The man's eyes were transfixed on the goblet.

"Give that back. You will regret it otherwise."

Remaining completely emotionless, I tilted the cup upside down, and its ancient contents splattered against the floor.

The End

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