The sheer humidity caused my clothes to cling to my skin. Partially I was sweating due to the intense heat. But it was mostly because I was incredibly nervous.

Alistair reassured me through the headset.

"Easy Lara- just remember the task."

"Penetrate the ring of guards and get to the orb before it's too late."

"Exactly. No pressure, but the fate of the entire world rests on your shoulders."

"Thanks, appreciate it. Remember Alistair, you’re not in my good books at the moment."


There was no denying this was the right place. A great palace surrounded by the ancient battlefields of the first Crusade lay in the middle distance. Breathing deeply and withdrawing my pistols, I crept stealthily along a deserted bridge. A lone man guarded the portcullis. He was gazing over the hills towards the horizon, cigarette in hand.

I didn't want to attract too much attention: not at the moment anyway. No more than a small pip emerged from the gun, thanks credited to the silencer. The guard gasped, fell to his knees, and died.

I sighed, and slid my pistol back into its halter.

"Now really Infinitio, that was too easy."

I ventured towards the portcullis and jerked back the lever. The gate produced a metallic rattling as it arose. It must have been ancient. I kept on creeping, looking in all directions. I was surprised at the lack of guards. It was oddly suspicious.

Either way, I was in.

The End

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