I had never expected Alistair to be such a bastard.

He knew I didn't want him, he was just trying to make Kurtis jealous.

Bloody men.

Kurtis had said he needed a little time to cool off, which I completely understood. Now, left in peace, I was finally able to shower.

The water was painful to my bruised skin, but I had to ignore the sting. My hair gradually became wet and sooth the fragrance of soap and coconut filled my nostrils. Soon I was done, and wrapped a soft, crisp white towel over my damp skin.

Cleanliness is a feeling so many take for granted.


Later that evening, when the moon had decided to grace us all with its presence, the events of the day took their toll. To take my mind of things I delved into my father's journal. It was something so priceless to me. Like the last part of my father I had that was tangible. I flicked carefully through the delicate pages, ever amazed by my father's many adventures. There were countless images of him with my mother, with captions below that were always the same:

"My dearest Amelia, I love you always."

There marriage had been so blissful. I cannot recall one time in my life when they argued. But sadly their union had reached an untimely end. I certainly hoped this was not the same for me and Kurtis. As if he had heard my thoughts, I heard the door creak.

"Come in."

I lifted my head to see Kurtis.

"Listen, about earlier, I..."

"I know. Come here."

He took me in his arms, rocking me gently back and forth. Then he kissed my forehead.

"So I'm forgiven?"

"Of course. We'll deal with it in the morning."

"But now, we can deal with something else. My half empty double bed." I winked and laughed in a flirtatious manner.

It worked. I could not describe how wonderful it was to have such a perfect and forgiving man as Kurtis Trent.

The End

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