"What do you know about us?"

"N...nothing." I tried to remain calm, but fear was clear in my voice.

"Don't lie! You know something! I'm sure of it!"

I felt the ropes around me grow tighter and tighter, like an unforgiving boa constrictor. I let out a scream. I didn't want to waste my breath, but the pain was too great to ignore.

"Tell me what you know." He spat.

If I told him, then I'd be dead, I was sure of it. I hoped Kurtis had realised I was in trouble.

Once he had rung sufficient air from me, he threw me to the floor. I panted and clutched my violated chest, trying to push the air back into it.

"You will tell me all you know. Or things are going to get ugly."

I remained strong.

"Never." The strength in my voice returned.

He flew into a rage.

"That's it. I warned you about this."

He flung me back against the wall, for the second time. Then he chuckled again, in the same evil manner. In my state, I had no energy to fight back. He unfastened my belt and pulled down my camo shorts. Anger forced me to act. I kicked him in the chest, and he fell back, groaning.

I quickly redressed and leapt up, smoothing out my clothes.

He would have raped me, the bastard.

I pointed my pistol right between his eyes, then shot. He didn't deserve to live. I made my way back through the many passageways. I was so eager to escape I did not see Kurtis coming the other way. We collided. A few seconds later we both arose, brushing the dust from our clothes. Hurriedly we embraced. I didn't want to let go. He stroked my hair and I held him close.

"Never leave me again." He said stern, but lovingly.

"I don't plan to. Now, let's leave this god-forsaken place and get back to Croft Manor. I have a feeling I need to have a closer look at the book of 'Eternity."

The End

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