I didn't want to leave Lara alone. Never. But I knew if I hadn't, she would be that.

And that, I couldn't handle.

I emerged into light at the opening of the tomb. I felt awful for many reasons.

One, the woman I loved was stuck in an ancient tomb with an evil Russian. Two, the Infinitio were not people you wanted to mess with. Finally, I really needed a cigarette. Damnit, Lara hated my habit, but there was nothing else I could do in times of stress. 

I rolled one between two fingers and fumbled for my lighter. I was a little more relaxed, but that was only the nicotine. I forced myself to sit and wait, yet all I could do was fidget. There were so many things flying around my head, and I couldn't stop worrying about Lara.

She'll be fine. She'll be fine.

I kept on telling myself that, until I could take it no longer. I clenched my eyes shut and I felt a trance fall over me. All I could see was red, and it was a little blurry, but I had to make sure she was ok. My vision ventured deeper into the twisted corridors and hallways of the tomb. I looked back to the place where I had left Lara. She was no longer there. There was a little trail of blood that led me round the next corner.

A laboratory

Machines whirred.

Strange contraptions with cogs and ropes.

Lara laid flat on her back.


Then I realised.


I thanked some higher power for my Farsee Ability.

Without a second to think, I flung my cigarette to the earthy floor and crushed it, causing the sparks to die.

I was going back down there.

And no Russian was going to stop me.

The End

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