Kurtis and I ventured further and deeper into the tomb. We discovered a whole series of paintings, all chronologically ordered. The earlier paintings depicted battles that I could not date. Soldiers fought on great steeds, waving the banner of the Infinitio. I suddenly realised that I recognised the other crest. These battles were the Crusades! I glanced over all the other pictures and things began to make sense.

There were three paintings of great significance. One depicted the Pope, and cheering knights. The next, a battle. Then something I had never expected to see. The supposedly 'Christian' knights were slaying each other! Countless bloodthirsty depictions followed, until a circle of twelve remained, prostrated towards a glowing orb. Then it dawned on me. Thousands of men fought in the Crusades, and the Pope promised them eternal life for doing so. I supposed the final twelve had not wanted to wait until death.

I vocalised my thoughts to Kurtis, and he stared in awe.

"You mean that religious propaganda was actually true?"

"Yes, it was. The final twelve were so eager for immortality, they killed all their own comrades to obtain it. Now all to be explained is the golden orb. Is it the cup? Kurtis?"

He was frozen in a strange trance, slowly massaging his temples. Suddenly his piercing blue eyes snapped open, and he looked prepared to fight.

"Kurtis, what is it?"

"Farsee Ability. I'll explain later, but now do exactly as I do."

He grabbed my arm and we sprinted into a gap in the wall. Sure enough, about a dozen undead skeletal creatures emerged from one of the many halls. We made quick work of them. But Kurtis still didn't look satisfied. Then I realised why. A bald man emerged, bare chested and clad in leather trousers, brandishing a shotgun.

The End

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