I clambered into the cockpit, and Kurtis slid in beside me.

It felt good to have him with me on this journey. He smiled at me, but there was a subtle pain in his face that I detected. I thought I should at least wait until we were airborne before I questioned it.

Soon the propellers sliced through the air and the journey to Tehran began. We discussed possible areas for more information.

"There is a discarded area of ruins near Hoz-e-Soltan Lake. It was uncovered years ago by archaeologists, but after half a dozen went missing at the site the dig was called off. I have a feeling that the site may be linked to the 'Cup of Jamshid.'"

Kurtis stared in amazement.

"Your intelligence never ceases to amaze me."

We smiled, but nothing more, and I again focused on the skies ahead. It was silent for a while, save the whirr of propellers. Then the things on my mind forced me to speak again.



"What were you and Alistair fighting about before I came in?"

"Oh, uh...I think..."


"That...he's jealous of our relationship."

I was silent for a moment.

"What did he say?"

"He said that if you hadn't found me in Avalon that things would have been different. And by that he meant better."

"Oh God..." 

"Lara, don't you worry. I told him that I was sorry things had to be this way, but they just are. Then he went crazy and so we argued, said he's going to try and win you back somehow."

He was worried, I could tell.

"Kurtis. Listen to me. After the things that I've experienced in my life, I never expected to find a man. The only men that showed interest wanted me was hired to kill me further down the line, did I tell you about Larson and Jacqueline Natla? My mentor, Von Croy, deserted me in Egypt. But with you, things are utterly different. Your father was murdered by a black Alchemist, you're part of the Lux Veritatis, and you sought justice for your father, and I did for mine. There is never going to be anyone to replace you. I never thought I'd say this, being the cold, heartless woman that I am, but I feel so human when I'm with you, not just a target, an enemy..."

I could have said more, but then Kurtis lurched forward and kissed me with such great force I could have fallen out of the helicopter.

"Sorry, was that too much?"

"No Lara, that was fine, just fine."

Our romantic reverie was soon interrupted by a bleep from the navigation control. We were almost at Tehran.

It was time for some tomb raiding.

The End

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