Breaking PointMature

After hours of study, I left the library in peace.

I was scared. Petrified actually. The Infinitio did not sound like a people to be messed with. I was going to need Kurtis' help this time. I had ideas, and it was going to mean another flight.

Suddenly I heard shouts. I felt for my dual pistols, then exhaled deeply, laughing a little to myself.

"Easy girl, put the guns down."

Soon they slid back into the halters. Again the shouts began, bouncing off the walls. I suddenly realised.

It was Alistair and Kurtis.

I burst through the door, interrupting the heated argument. Both men looked furious.

"What the hell is going on?" I snapped. 

Alistair spoke first.

"Oh, nothing. Kurtis and I had a...disagreement. Nothing more."

Well, it certainly didn't sound like nothing! What was the nature of your...disagreement?"

I let sarcasm seep into the sentence.

"Really, it was nothing. Just a clash in testosterone."


Kurtis looked down at his feet, upset. I felt a pang of guilt.

"Sorry..." I began

"Don't be," said Kurtis, "we shouldn't be fighting at a time like this." 

He had his eyes fixed on Alistair, anger creeping through his words. Alistair was quick to change the subject.

"So Lara, any luck on identifying the symbol?"

"Yes, does the Infinitio ring any bells?"

Alistair turned pale.

"Are you telling me we have another power-hungry cult to sort out? Bloody hell..."

"I think so, yes."

Winston emerged, again with a tea tray. I spoke with urgency.

"No time for tea now Winston. It seems we have another supernatural power to dispel."

"Dear Lord, are you quite sure?"

"Sadly, yes. Although I have yet to uncover their meeting place."

I felt the cogs of my mind begin to turn, and orders flew from my lips.

"Alistair, I want you to look for any organisations holding large meetings this week. If any seem suspicious, you know what to do. The origin of the Cup of Jamshid is Greater Iran. I think this place may shed some more light on the cup's power, and may link us to the Infinitio. Winston, I'm headed for Tehran, please make the usual arrangements."

Kurtis looked worried,

"And me? How can I help?"

"You're coming with me. I'm going to need all the help I can get."

With that, the argument was swept under the carpet. There were more pressing matters to attend to.

And quickly.

The End

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