The InfinitioMature

I was going to have to identify the symbol. Perhaps it was the logo for an ancient cult? Or a terrorist group? Then it struck me. It could just be a tattoo, and nothing more. The coincidence stirred in my brain. Either way, I was paying a visit to my father's library.


Vast columns of books reached up towards the ceiling. There was shelf upon shelf of my father's discoveries and great classics, journals, and one particular book that caught my eye.

'Symbols of Legend'

I withdrew it carefully from the shelf, blowing the dust and remaining ash off the top. I withdrew a few more books related to symbols, and spread them across my father's desk.

I sat and began to flick through the pages, carefully analysing every diagram and quotation. One suddenly caught my eye.

'Brothers, sisters of the great cult. There will come a time when your hearts will beat forever. Your breath will never cease. When that powerful liquid mixes with our blood, we will taste immortality. Then we will return power to the Infinitio, and avenge our ancestors. Mortals will pay for the wrath they brought upon them, and this world will perish in fire and ice, and creation will begin again.'

- An extract from 'Eternity', the book of the Infinitio, dating to the late 12th century.

I flicked over more pages, and again, the symbol of infinity caught my eye. It all made sense. Then it struck me like the crack of a whip.

'...that powerful liquid'

If such a liquid was contained in the Cup of Jamshid, then time was running out. If I didn't track the Infinitio soon, then this world was doomed.

And that just didn't bear thinking about.

The End

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