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Eventually, after a lazy morning in bed, Kurtis and I descended the newly restored, grand staircase. Alistair looked up from the computer, met Kurtis' eyes, and then quickly shot his gaze back to the computer. He tried to busy himself by tapping out word after word on the keyboard, yet his pressure was forceful. He was obviously angry about something, but I didn't want to pry. At least, not yet. Winston emerged, smiling as he now saw me and Kurtis in our dressed state. Again, he entered with a tea tray. Kurtis glanced over at me, a smile nestled in the corner of his mouth. He laughed a little. I knew exactly what was going through his mind. I smiled back, then looked to the cup in my hand, trying to look serious. Suddenly Alistair gasped, and hurriedly bashed the keyboard in a state of anxiety. Sweat was beading at his forehead, and his glasses flashed with utter concentration.

"Lara, take a look at this."

I hurried to the desk. Countless windows popped onto the screen. Suddenly I saw an image I vaguely recognised. It was a golden goblet, embellished at the bottom with a golden, cat-like creature. I had only seen it a few times before. It was a thing of beauty.

"The Cup of Jamshid..."

"Yes, and it's bad news. It's been stolen from the British Museum. Someone wants the immortality elixir, and I don't want to comprehend the reasons behind it."

"My God...I need to find out who has it before they use it. Alistair, I'm get me the CCTV footage from the time of the theft. I have some serious reading to do. 

Kurtis looked over, worried.

"Should we really get involved? I don’t want any of us getting hurt unnecessarily .” 

Alistair stifled a laugh in the corner, and I couldn’t fathom why. 

“Kurtis, there aren’t many people like us who can stop them. I hardly think police can handle this, and a herd of immortals is hardly going to be easy to be defeat. This person, or these people need to be stopped before there are repercussions. Also, it’s been a while since I had an adventure, it’s been a while since I ventured out of these four walls.”

Kurtis shrugged, he knew he could’t argue with me. I quickly made my way upstairs to comb through my recently replenished library in search of any clues. Kurtis told me he was going to check on our transport, and Winston insisted that we all had a cup of tea to calm our nerves. Alistair began hacking into the CCTV system at the British museum to try and find any more information about the thief. 

The library was wonderfully peaceful, and the morning sun poured across the room, causing the dapple of tree shadows to be cast across the walls. The mahogany chair screeched a little as I pulled it out, and creaked as I sat down. I had already found all the books I had on relating to the subject, (I often thanked myself for sticking to father’s alphabetical system) and began to read. Countless diagrams and rituals concerning Mesopotamian beliefs and culture filled the pages, but their was only brief reference to the cup. A small paragraph caught my gaze:

The Cup of Jamshid was said to be filled with an elixir of immortality and was used in scrying. It was believed that one could observe the seven heavens of the universe by peering into it. The Cup was apparently discovered in Persepolis in ancient times. The entire world was said to be reflected in it, and predictions within the Cup were said to reveal truths. Sometimes, particularly in popular representations such as The Heroic Legend of Arslan, the cup has been depicted as a crystal ball. Many groups have endeavored to seek out the cup, yet none have yet succeeded. 

There was still much research to carry out, but at least I knew that groups had tried to retrieve the cup before. It was just a matter of seeking out the group in question. 

The End

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