Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Undying TwelveMature

In this episode of Lara's life, she races against time to retrieve the 'Cup of Jamshid', which contains the elixir of immortality, before it falls into the wrong hands.


“Are you ready for this?” Kurtis stroked my cheek gently.

“Yes, I couldn’t be more certain.” 

He nudged the door so that it clicked, then turned to face me. His lips found mine with haste, and his hands stroked my lower back. In one swift moment, he had my hairband removed and my waist-length hair cascaded down towards the floor. With one hand in my hair, he found the straps of my shirt, and slowly pushed them down my shoulders. My hands ventured from the nape of his neck, down enticingly and found his jean’s button. Then the pace quickened. I felt the clothes slide down to the floor, he was warm and muscular. Two hands were around my upper body, and with a click of the clasp, my bra was on the floor, and he was all over me. Sexual excitement took over, and I forced him onto the bed. We embraced, and he kissed my neck. My head jerked back, my eyes rolling with pleasure. My body tingled all over.  Faint memories from university flooded back, but not one of those experiences could match this. I saw the trail of clothes from the door, and then turned to face him. He gazed right into my eyes.

“Are you really sure?”

“Yes, Kurtis, I am!” I could have screamed it. This kind of desire was something I had not felt for years, I was hungry for it. Gently, I felt him enter me, and I moaned with sheer delight. I gasped with pleasure, and he vocalised his with a groan. And so it went on, building and building until we both reached true climatic ecstasy.

Then it was done, I hadn’t wanted it to end.

I was suddenly aware of my panting, and we embraced each other again, feeling the presence of sweat of each other’s bare skin. I finally found the breath to speak.

“Kurtis, I love you, so much.”

“I love you too. I’ll never leave you again, I promise.”

I had no reason to doubt him at all. 


A soft light flickered before my eyelids.

They fluttered open, and after a few rapid blinks, Kurtis' now un-blurred smiling face greeted mine. 

"Morning, Lara."

"Why, good morning Kurtis!"I said with a staged surprise. 

We both laughed. Kurtis raised his head from the pillow to kiss me on the forehead, revealing his bare, muscular chest. Even now, I still sighed. His loose strands of hair swept over his face, and his sharp blue eyes still shocked me slightly, in contrast to his naturally pale skin.

I cast my mind back to the night's events, and I bit my lip recalling the sheer passion. I remembered the many sweet things he had whispered in my ears. The way he had touched me.  I never knew one person could make someone feel that good! I felt Kurtis slip out from the sheets and retrieve a towel.

My thoughts were interrupted by an abrupt knock at the door. I drew the blankets over my breasts, wanting to maintain some decency. 

"Come in."

Winston slowly emerged through the doors, and came doddering through with a tray. Tea sloshed over the side of the cups as his hands shook.

‘Old age.’ I thought to myself.

"Your breakfast tea, Lady Croft, and err...Mr Trent."

Seeing Kurtis only covered by a small towel, he quickly made his way back through the door, muttering something about 'leaving us in peace.'

Kurtis looked at the tray and laughed.

"How do you English manage to drink so much tea?"

The End

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