The Past Corrected

Almost as soon as I had said these words, I felt myself being pushed backwards in time. I would have to think quickly. I saw my clothes from all those years ago appear on my body. My hair had its red tint restored, and I felt my ponytail lengthen and twirl into a long plait. I was shrouded in mist, and my vision was shaken by the swirls of time. Soon the shaking stopped, like a train halting at a station. I was in the thick of it; I had no time to gather my thoughts. There before me, was the epic battle between Kurtis and Boaz.

Kurtis was struggling against the great beast, sweat dripping from his forehead. I could feel his his heart pounding with nerves and adrenaline. Suddenly, Boaz fell. For only a fraction of a second I was confused. Boaz was dead, how did Kurtis die? It didn't take me long to realise when I saw her angel-like form rise out of the dead carcass. 

The fight continued. Bullet after bullet rang from Kurtis' pistols. The battle raged on for a good five minutes. Then she fell again. I could still see the rise and fall of her chest. Kurtis turned to see Boaz, supposedly dead on the ground. I suddenly realised what was coming next. I quickly felt a rush of adrenaline course through my body. My hand fumbled for a machine gun. I was ready to strike. Sure enough, Boaz snarled with rage, and quickly 

arose, a shard in her grasp. 

But I was faster.

About ten bullets fled as I squeezed the trigger. A pool of green ooze surrounded her body. This time I knew she was dead for good.

Kurtis looked up. I saw him breathing heavily, realizing the situation. He looked at Boaz, with the shard still tightly in her grip. Then he ran to me. And we embraced. 

"How did you..."

"Sssh that can wait." I placed my finger on his lips.

Suddenly he grasped the back of my neck, and he cocked his head towards mine. His piercing blue eyes were focused on mine. Then he kissed me. A million emotions spread over me. It was a feeling I had only a few times had the privilege of experiencing. Then he gazed into my eyes, and kissed me tenderly on my forehead.

A little abruptly, I withdrew. 

“Kurtis, there’s something we have to do.”

Soon, we were bolting through the corridors and passageways of Eckhardt’s Lab, and soon, a familiar circular room came into view. Eckhardt appeared, with the Sanglyph in hand. 

“I suppose you’ve come to kill me, Miss Croft. And you’ve even brought the Lux knight to help you. How positively charming.”

“D’you know, it’s going to be a real pleasure to shut you up!” I withdrew my pistols from my halters, then remembered how I had defeated him the first time. Fumbling quickly through my backpack, I retrieved the only things that could defeat him. 

Just as I had suspected, the Periapt Shards were still in my possession. I spared a thankful thought for Thor, and then signaled to Kurtis to keep hold of the Chirugai, in case back up was required. Then the fight began. Eckhardt set about making his clones, but I had the advantage of experience, and soon with Kurtis’ help, two of the Shards were embedded in his chest. I took the final shard, ready to finish him off. Right on cue, Karel emerged, stealing the shard from my grasp, and plunging it into Eckhardt’s skull. i had decided not to tell Eckhardt the little chestnut concerning Karel’s betrayal. It kept things familiar, and simple. I noticed Karel was shocked to see Kurtis still alive, yet he covered this with haste. 

“Mr Trent, I see Kristina was no match for you. Sadly now the task of your disposal now falls to me.”

No way in hell it wasn’t, I wasn’t coming this far to have things happen. Suddenly Karel took on his Nephili form, and hovered above us like a freakish fly.

“Now the Lux Warrior will die, leaving his mortal companion alone.”

“Kurtis, duck!”

He dodged a beam of green and took my hand.

“Do as I do.”

We sprinted over to Eckhardt’s body. Kurtis took the Sanglyph, and I his Glove. We then bolted up ladders around the various raised metal platforms. Soon the Sleeper was before us. Kurtis realised what he had to do.

“It’s time to avenge your father.”

He threw himself off the edge of the platform, grasped a metal bar and hooked the Sanglyph to the Sleeper’s skin. 

“RUN!” I screamed.

I hurled myself off the platform, grabbed Kurtis’ hand and we sprinted towards the doorway. Light burst from the Sleeper, and made a beeline for Karel. He shouted in pain, and it grew and grew until a final orb of light exploded from within him. The light shook the room, and Kurtis and I were knocked to the floor with an almighty crash.


We brushed the dust off our clothes, laughing as we admired the carnage. Kurtis’ Chirugai had fallen in the explosion, and lay in wait for its owner. I walked over to it, picked it up, and its spikes retracted, showing me the way out. An odd sense of déjà vu washed over me. I looked over to see Kurtis, waiting for me in the shadows. I knew then that I was complete. I wanted nothing more. Bidding the scene of just death a final farewell, I walked hand in hand with Kurtis, out into the darkness.



The End

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