A Decision for Love

I arose from my bow, but I could hardly contain my excitement. Alistair smiled at me, yet I could see he was shocked. 

"I never knew you would come for me." 

Kurtis looked over at me, confused.

"So is he, your um...”

"Oh Alistair, no, we're just great companions." Alistair looked a little hurt by this, but covered it up with a fake smile. I felt a pang of sadness. Thor interrupted the awkward silence with a cough. 

"Anyway, we must get down to business. You, Lara want to take your friend, I trust."

Thor nudged Alistair, and he ran over, embracing me. I smiled. I was happy he was happy, but now Kurtis looked upset, yet tried desperately not to show it.

Thor looked at me. He could tell that something wasn't quite right. 

"You have another request?" He boomed.

"Yes, I do not want to abuse your kindness, but the Lux Veritatis warrior..."

Thor knew what I wanted to say, and sighed with regret.

"The gods will not allow me to release two beings at the same moment. But...”

He pondered.

“There is one thing I can do. I can send you back a few minutes before Kurtis' 'death' so to speak, and it will be up to you to prevent his demise. I cannot do much else beside."

Kurtis looked, pleading with his eyes. It was not a hard decision. I had taken on gods before, with the likes of Natla. Boaz would be easy by comparison. And I wanted desperately was to save Kurtis. I didn't want him to wander limbo for the rest of eternity. I wanted; I realised, to be with him.

Kurtis saw my true feelings, somehow. Perhaps it was an unearthly power he had. But he knew, and smiled.

I turned to Thor, brimming with confidence.

"Ok then, I’m ready."

The End

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