"Lara Croft, it's been a while." He smiled cheekily.

"But Boaz...I thought..." Confusion filled my voice.

"That's what I thought too. I thought it was all over for me."

"So, you died? But you're not dead, you're here. What happened?"

"I awoke here. Thor, the Norse guy, said that he sometimes shows mercy on us 'lesser beings', he said that I deserved a second chance. Now I've been here for seven years, walking in limbo. It's been a lonely existence, but I'm happy that he showed kindness to me. And now, you're here. I had a feeling we would meet again." He gazed, right into my eyes. My harsh edge disappeared from my voice. 


"Well, you seem to manage to get yourself caught in the middle of all kinds of weird stuff...and I see you've found yourself a twin sister." He said, signaling to the doppelganger, who gave him the look of death. She still wasn't quite exorcised, I thought to myself.

"Oh her. I'll explain things in more depth later. I'll just say this: We're not related. She was created for vengeance. She was designed to kill me. But anyway, you can see, everything’s under control. You could almost call us companions." I smiled a little.

Kurtis looked, bemused. Then he laughed.

"You strange woman..."

 I was irritated by this, but I didn't dislike him for this.

"You're hardly 'normal' yourself! Being the sole remaining member of the Lux Veritatis."

He paused, then shrugged casually.

"I guess you're right." He laughed, smiling right at me.

Then there was a silence, awkward but meaningful, where something was meant to happen. I shivered thinking about it. Well, something did happen, but not what I had hoped for. A great man entered the room. He had a long, flowing beard, and his sheer presence led me to believe he could only be Thor. I bowed automatically. I had to make a good impression after all. I tried to keep an air of the ladyship that I usually pushed from my mind, but I could no longer contain myself.

There, by his side, was Alistair.

The End

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